Letters to the Editor

The NC Freedom Park honoring African Americans will “tell the truth about our Past”

In response to the run of op-eds and letters about Confederate monuments, it is a propitious moment for North Carolina to claim higher ground in the swirling national discussion about race, hatred and the proper role of government and its participating citizens. The soil has been prepared for the planting of an important symbol of who we are and want to be as a society with deep Southern roots and an optimistic eye to the future.

On the drawing board of famed architect Phil Freelon is a unifying and fully considered project called the North Carolina Freedom Park – honoring African Americans’ struggle for freedom and their contributions to our state’s economic, cultural and political progress. It has been approved by the Council of State, given a prominent site adjacent to the State Legislative Building, and initially funded by several foundations, credit unions, banks and other businesses, in addition to some generous individuals. It is the fulfillment of the vision of Dr. John Hope Franklin to be a public gathering place “to tell the truth about our Past and to be a beacon of hope for our Future.”

All that is needed is greater public awareness and increased support by civic-minded individuals to accelerate the completion of this new landmark by 2020.

David Warren

Professor Emeritus, Duke University

Goldie Frinks Wells

City Council Member, Greensboro

Co-Chairs, North Carolina Freedom Park

‘Preventative’ measures

Regarding “Voter ID ignores the real threat” (Aug. 8): Every year I get a flu shot. I also have had a shingles vaccination. I see my doctor on a regular basis for checkups. This is called preventative medicine. Everyone with common sense will agree these measures are better than waiting until I am sick.

However, every time someone suggests voter ID to prevent illegal voting, they are met with a demand that they prove voter fraud has occurred. How is this any different than my measures to try to stay healthy or routine servicing of your car or truck to avoid breakdowns?

I suspect there are hidden agendas in these objections to voter ID. Every time I go to a doctor, dentist, or clinic I am asked for a picture ID. I have been required to provide picture ID to deposit a check, register at a gym, enter a government building, get a library card and for a myriad of other purposes. When I was younger I had to provide picture ID to buy a beer.

None of these things is nearly as important as protecting my right to vote. When a person fraudulently votes for an opponent of a candidate I support, they render my vote null and void.

Michael Doran


Make the switch

Regarding “Why solar power is beating coal, natural gas” (Aug. 6): Every night the news is dominated by reports of “record-breaking high temperatures” accompanied by disasters of biblical proportions – floods, fires, droughts – making it harder to deny the human and economic consequences of global warming.

If climate change doesn’t directly cause such catastrophes, it certainly makes them worse. Warmer temperatures lead to longer and more frequent heat waves; warmer air holds moisture resulting in storms and floods; warmer soil dries out, resulting in droughts.

At the same time, we now know that natural gas is not the solution to global warming. Methane, of which natural gas is largely made up, is a greenhouse gas.

The need to move to and develop renewables is obvious. The response of Duke Energy has been to promote natural gas projects like pipelines and hinder the development of solar energy. It is time for Duke Energy to drop its obstructionist, reactionary policies and instead use its influence to help our state make the necessary switch to clean energy.

Lynn Mitchell Kohn


‘Deep breath’

Regarding the letter to the editor ‘Economic envy?’ (July 31): I continually wonder how well-informed and educated individuals can believe that all of our country’s problems started with the inauguration of President Trump.

By any matrix, except for the one progressives use, the country is making solid gains.

Let’s all take a deep breath, put our prejudices aside and move forward as one nation.

Jim Branch