Letters to the Editor

Kavanaugh’s recent comments are ‘anti-woman’

Regarding “What we’ve learned about Kavanaugh after 2 days in hot seat” (Sept. 7): On Day 2 of his Supreme Court confirmation hearing, Judge Brett Kavanaugh used the term “abortion-inducing drugs” to describe contraceptives. He made the remark as he discussed why he sided in a case with a group called Priests for Life, which sued to be excused from paying for contraceptives through the health insurance plan that it provided to its employees.

Let’s be clear: Hormonal contraceptives do not induce abortions. Judge Kavanaugh’s comments are explicitly anti-science and anti-choice. At some point during their lifetimes, 95 percent of women use contraceptives to prevent unintended pregnancy. In the U.S., roughly 60 percent of women of reproductive age (ages 15-44) are currently using a contraceptive, and 72 percent of those female contraceptive users employ primarily hormonal methods like birth control pills, IUDs and injectables like Depo-Provera.

Access to these contraceptives is critically important for women to control their reproductive lives, and, by extension, their economic and work lives. They are essential aspects of healthcare to which all women should be entitled. Judge Kavanaugh’s loaded terminology threatens to roll back the clock on women by half a century. It is anti-woman and not factual.

Our North Carolina senators owe it to North Carolina women to vote no.

Kim Rehberg


Unresponsive government

Former President Obama claims that President Trump is a symptom of our nation’s problem, not the cause. The cause, in part, comes from establishment Democrats and Republicans who handle healthcare reform in such ways as to always allow the free market to charge what only Hollywood Democrats and Republicans can afford (whatever the market bears, baby).

And so, in 2016, those fed up with do-nothing politicians (left and right) voted for Donald Trump, a “you’re gonna love my healthcare plan” populist who not only claimed to be unlike “establishment politicians.” But once in office, he allowed the establishment within his own party to do what they would have done with healthcare had any other Republican be elected.

Meanwhile, Americans continue to fend for themselves against a seller’s market that has nothing but an endless appetite for the freedom to offer more porous health options for accelerated gain.

If politicians of both parties don’t like what’s going on in the White House, they need to start working together to provide what all Americans need and deserve: lower healthcare prices across the board. Otherwise, we’ll just be stuck with presidents as horrible as Trump.

John Rhodes



The answer to the Silent Sam issue is to place the Confederate memorial in the North Carolina Museum of History with a full explanation of its particular history and controversy from its dedication to today.

The display should reference the primary cause of the Civil War, the number of UNC students who fought in it, the period of Reconstruction, and the Jim Crow era.

This historical approach provides the proper perspective for current and future generations.

David Green


Name change?

I was wondering if UNC is planning to keep the title Tar Heels for their sports teams and graduates. After all, they are bowing to mob rule with the statue of Silent Sam, which was erected in memory of North Carolinians who fought and died for what they believed in at the time.

I have also read that the nickname ‘Tar Heels’ was given to North Carolina troops by Gen. Robert E. Lee. Will the mob stand for this, or will UNC have to change the nickname of its athletic teams and graduates?

Lou Ferretti


Good guys?

Will someone please walk me through this? Russians run some ads on Facebook, and that’s a very bad intrusion into our elections. Today I’m reading “US officials discussed coup plans with Venezuelan military officers” (Sept 9). And that’s okay? What am I missing here?

But it’s okay, folks. We were only engaging in a “dialogue with all Venezuelans who demonstrate a desire for democracy.” That is, with people wanting to overthrow their government by force. It’s getting harder and harder to identify ourselves as the good guys.

Michael Elvin