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Celebrate NC heritage. Use NC pine on Old Well.

UNC’s Old Well to undergo repairs

A look at UNC's Old Well, a campus landmark that will undergo repairs and renovations starting in mid-March of 2019.
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A look at UNC's Old Well, a campus landmark that will undergo repairs and renovations starting in mid-March of 2019.

Use NC pine at UNC

I found the news of the repairs to the Old Well at UNC-Chapel Hill quite disturbing, and not because folks won’t be able to take pictures there.

What bothers me is that UNC is replacing native, North Carolina pine with expensive, imported mahogany, reportedly for its durability.

If durability is the key factor in the choice of materials, why not use Chinese steel? If expense is no object, why not Italian marble?

How can a state institution, whose very nickname is traceable to a pine product, have so little regard for North Carolina’s agricultural heritage?

Steve Clark, Cary

Health plan hypocrisy

To be fair, consistent, non-hypocritical and nondiscriminatory, if the trustees of the State Health Plan will not let insurance cover medical, surgical and counseling services for gender-affirming transition treatments, then they should also stop State Health Plan coverage for all circumcisions and breast size reductions and augmentations.

Then, the trustees would no longer be complicit in permanently changing the bodies we were born with, would they?

Cynthia Rising, Carrboro

Yes, to ‘agrihoods’

Bravo to the innovative planners of the new Wetrock Farm “agrihood” development in north Durham county – a former tobacco farm that will include 141 homes, and at its center, a 15-acre working farm and vineyard.

We don’t need yet another high-priced, country club golf course community. What a great alternative. Just imagine looking out your kitchen windows and seeing grapevines instead of golf carts.

Paul Andrews, Durham

Make report public

Why in my opinion the Mueller report needs to be public:

I’m truly amazed at how the times and the Republicans have changed. In the 1970s we had Sens. Barry Goldwater, Hugh Scott and John Rhodes find the courage to tell President Nixon that he was a bringing down the country and dividing it to the point that he needed to resign.

Today, in the Republican Party we don’t seem to have anyone with the same courage to step up and tell President Trump this is not who we are and we will not stand idly by and watch you destroy this great country of ours.

Do you hear me Sens. Thom Tillis and Richard Burr?

Therefore, we need to make the Mueller report totally public with the necessary redaction for security purposes. “We the People” need to know if we have a Russian asset residing in the White House.

Michael Eisenberg, Raleigh

No illegal immigrants

While we as a nation welcome all immigrants, I want them to come legally, learn our language and customs, and abide by our rules and laws.

Recently we have seen people streaming over our southern border. We want, and need, to be able to know who comes into this country in order to protect all our citizens.

ICE only removes those who are here illegally and many sheriff departments are protecting those who have committed crimes. Those who abuse women, drive illegally (especially DUI), or commit other felonies and high misdemeanors should not be given a free pass.

Our immigration laws do indeed need a major reform, but protecting those who commit crimes is absurd.

Russell Catania, Apex

Immigrants needed

Re “NC’s future depends on immigrant workers” (March 12):

The authors are so right. They might have pointed to the coast’s slow recovery from the 2018 hurricanes, as well.

Our friends at Emerald Isle say some of the damage remains untouched as a too-small workforce is concentrating, rightly so, on the worst damage to homes of full-time residents. Friends in Savannah, who saw widespread damage from Hurricane Matthew in 2016, experienced the same sort of delays.

Americans trained for the information economy need outside help to cope with conditions that our grandparents and great-grandparents mastered.

We shoot ourselves in the foot by denying that opportunity to hardworking people born outside our borders.

Carol Frey, Raleigh

No guns for teachers

Re “Armed NC teachers would get pay raise” (March 8):

So North Carolina teachers should be carrying weapons? As a former teacher and Korean War veteran, I have grave concerns about firearms in classrooms.

Any of those veterans in the N.C. legislature ever hear of “friendly fire”? Happens even among highly trained, combat experienced soldiers and Marines. Teachers in a classroom full of kids?

Don Taylor, Raleigh