Letters to the Editor

3/18 Letters: Ron McFarlane’s actions deserved stronger condemnation from the Mayor.

To equate “nasty social media” with physical assault is simply beyond the pale. I was at the Dix Park celebration the night that Ron McFarlane assaulted Council Member Kay Crowder. I did not witness the incident itself, though I know that others did.

Kay Crowder did not snub Nancy McFarlane — she and Dix Park planner Kate Pearce were both speaking that night and both thanked numerous individuals.

Mayor McFarlane has received numerous, deserved accolades for her efforts to bring Dix Park to reality. But she does not deserve a pass when she equates her husband’s physical assault to a “response that was too strongly worded.” The mayor could have demonstrated leadership by speaking up publicly to condemn the behavior. It was more than two weeks after the incident that they began trying to reach Kay Crowder to apologize.

The mayor has been quick to condemn others for what she perceives as inappropriate comments. That she has failed to condemn physical assault is outrageous. I am amazed that so many have rushed to the mayor’s defense without knowing the facts. And I am sorely disappointed that so few have stood up to denounce physical violence directed at a woman.

Stef Mendell, Raleigh City Council, District E


Defend the Constitution

I have supported Sen. Thom Tillis and have viewed him as a sincere and principled politician. I have endorsed him to neighbors and friends alike. No more! His vote in support of Trump’s National Emergency Declaration, especially after his compelling, but fake, Washington Post op-ed piece, speaks volumes. You just put the Constitution on the back burner and your own 2020 run for office on the front burner. What does Tillis’ word mean? Nothing, unless it represents an opportunity for him. I suspect that you can count on his voting in line with the NRA and Trump’s political bullying, as they are evidently more important to him than the Constitution for which he took an oath to ‘support and defend.’

Bob Markley

Chapel Hill


Thom Tillis’ op-ed in the Washington Post, followed by his vote against the Congressional resolution to oppose President Trump’s use of the National Emergencies Act, is deeply troubling. His published statement only confounds matters more; I see nothing in Tillis’ statement that provides a single compelling reason for his flip-flop. I can only imagine he got strong-armed by his own political party. Blaming that on the Left is political malpractice done in the most cynical way possible. Demonizing the Left — in this case, to justify the Right’s own abuse of power — is an insult to our Union. The people of North Carolina deserve better.

Peter Vinick


Too risky

Former Fayetteville Mayor Nat Robertson (Offshore Drilling Would Bring Jobs to NC, March 1) endorses a plan that would put hundreds of thousands of existing jobs at risk. That’s unacceptable. Offshore drilling in the Atlantic could yield another catastrophic spill, like the Deepwater Horizon off the Gulf Coast in 2010. That would be devastating to jobs, people and marine life all along the coastline.

Tourism, recreation, seafood and fishing comprised more than 60 percent of the U.S. Atlantic Ocean economy in 2014, and that ocean economy contributed some $92 billion to the country’s gross domestic product. Together, these businesses employ more than a million people, depending largely on a clean ocean, clean beaches, abundant fish and wildlife.

In North Carolina, our coastal economy contributed about $2.2 billion dollars a year to U.S. GDP in 2014 and supports tens of thousands of jobs. Seafood, sport fishing, coastal marinas and private boating bring in hundreds of millions of dollars.

The Trump Administration’s plan to radically expand oil and gas leasing could foul our beaches and ruin all of that. Drilling is not worth the danger it poses to our economy and our way of life.

Tom Kies, President, Carteret County Chamber of Commerce

Morehead City

Immigration crackdown

I was stunned to read Ned Barnett’s op-ed piece (“Trump’s immigration crackdown is hurting NC farmers,” March 13). Stunned to find out that there is any farmer in NC willing to go on record admitting that he prefers to use illegal labor — and it’s getting harder to do!

Illegal labor is nothing short of modern day slavery, where the laborer has no rights. I do not sympathize with the farmers who want to skirt labor laws to suit their own needs. Frankly, it’s despicable.

Migrant workers deserve to be protected by law, just like anyone else in this country.

Madonna Fischer-Jones

Wake Forest