Letters to the Editor

3/24 Letters: McCain is being maligned. Burr, Tillis must speak out loudly

Stand up for McCain. Now.

As an American and a veteran I have been in awe at the level of honor and love of country that John McCain represented through out his life.

As a Democrat, I might have disagreed with him politically, but I admired the man and was glad his voice was heard in the Senate.

A joke oft told in the Army was that there were two types leaders – one you would follow into the depths of hell without a canteen and one you would only follow to see what the idiot would do next. I have no doubtwhich one McCain was.

I have to ask Sens. Richard Burr and Thom Tillis to speak out strongly in support of their former fellow senator – to speak for every veteran whose service is being so cavalierly maligned. And, to speak for all the active duty members who might question how their service is being appreciated.

If you support our troops speak now, speak loudly.

John Twomey, Raleigh

Maintain gun rights in the U.S.

The British came for the guns and today you have the United States of America. You have the Second Amendment for self-protection, not just from wild animals and criminals, but from a government’s attempt to take your rights away, as well.

If the government comes after the people’s right to keep and bear arms there will be a repeat of 1775.

If you don’t love life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, freedom of religion, and the right to self-protection you have several choices. Cuba and Venezuela in this hemisphere. China and North Korea in Asia, and Russia. Take your pick!

Frederick Frazier Sr., Durham

Burr, Tillis failed NC on declaration

President Trump’s declaration to divert $8 billion of federal funds for his wall takes away Congress’ control of the purse.

These funds were designated for other purposes, and, as a member of the Senate, Richard Burr knows this. (“Why I backed Trump” March 21 Forum)

This national emergency declaration is purely political to satisfy Trump’s base and his ego.

Trump and those who voted to agree with his use of the declaration – like Sens. Burr and Thom Tillis – do not serve our state well and are just as misinformed as the president on this national emergency declaration.

Fred Howes, Raleigh

US should not isolate itself

Sen. Burr addressed the “crisis at our southern border.” This is the crux of the argument – that there is a crisis that requires a national emergency declaration?

Living conditions in Central America are becoming worse. Climate change is likely to continue to make farming more difficult. Is America still a “land of immigrants?” Is now the time to isolate ourselves from the rest of the world?

It’s time for our religious leaders to stand up and remind us to “love our neighbors” and to remind us who our neighbors are.

Marvin Maddox, Cary

Hate from the left

Lately, it has been de rigueur for hysterical left-wing activists around the Triangle to slander our organization with fabricated charges of “white supremacy” and connections to the KKK.

Activist groups showed up March 3 at the State Capitol to try to disrupt our 32nd Annual Confederate Flag Day observance. Our organization has held this observance for more than 30 years without incident.

Our sole purpose is to honor our veteran ancestors and their contributions to North Carolina. This new campaign of renewed political correctness will not stop once we are disparaged into exile.

No monuments or memorials from any period of American history will be safe; neither will names, legacies, or even basic historical facts. If the voting public allows it, everything will disappear at the hands of the same mob who has taken the law into its own hands in Durham, Chapel Hill, and now Raleigh.

The smell of “hate” isn’t coming from us. It’s coming from those who hate us.

Frank Powell, Wake Forest

Sons of Confederate Veterans, N.C. Division

Release full Mueller report

It’s imperative that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report be released to the American people.

As taxpayers the American people are entitled to the full result of Mueller’s effort. It’s of paramount importance now since we have never had a president like Trump before. The chief executive should not be able to cover up a crime and should be exonerated if there was no crime.

In a recent poll, 87 percent of respondents – representing both parties – want to see a full report at the conclusion of Mueller’s investigation, including a strong majority of North Carolinians. The U.S. House voted 420 to 0 to make the report public. It’s critical that Sens. Thom Tillis and Richard Burr stand up and support their constituents. It’s their job.

Rosemary McGee, Raleigh

Right fears AOC

Jay Ambrose’s op-ed (“Is the climate right for Beto?” March 18) offers a scattershot of standard mud flung to attack Beto O’Rourke in the service of Trump.

But his column is more noteworthy for a prominent focus on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, reflecting an obsession that has infected the political right.

I have watched her question witnesses at House committee hearings. Sharp. Very sharp. The right has reason to fear her. She is dangerous to “business as usual.”

But Ambrose’s effort to equate the impressive-though-young Ocasio-Cortez with the superficial O’Rourke is misdirected. The Democratic presidential candidate equivalent to her is 37-year-old Pete Buttigieg. Brilliant.

And, after all, age is just a number – unless maybe, like me Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Trump, you’re old.

Ned Gardner, Apex

Vote again on Brexit

When it comes to Brexit, the Brits find themselves attending a shotgun wedding. The “leave” faction was the prime mover for the Brexit vote, sowing seeds of discontent in the population and then writing an artless ballot without clarifying the consequences.

Now those consequences are striding down the aisle like a veiled bride. Soon she will arrive at the altar and the congregation is sweating because they sense the surprise when the groom turns back the veil. They gasp. She’s ugly.

When the preacher asks if anyone has due cause to object, no one seems to have the guts to rise and point out that the very proposal itself was fatally flawed.

Theresa May needs to quit fostering an impractical deal she never supported from the start, and the opposition needs to quit all the caterwauling.

What’s clearly needed is a new referendum. The alternative? A shotgun divorce.

Andrew Leager, Raleigh