Letters to the Editor

4/07 Letters: NC military bases should take priority over Trump’s wall

Priority should be NC military bases

Republican Sens. Thom Tillis and Richard Burr voted for President Trump’s useless wall at the border, diverting funds from military construction.

They both should get a copy of the memo that Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Robert Neller sent to Navy Secretary Richard Spencer explaining that over 900 buildings were destroyed at Camp Lejeune during Hurricane Florence at a cost of $3.6 billion.

The military is an integral part of our state. Who do you senators represent? Do you know what is happening in your state?

Thomas Oriel, Garner

Health care delay was a wise move

Regarding the Forum writer who surmised President Trump has no confidence in the merits of his ideas or proposals and thus is postponing the health care debate until after 2020 when he is re-elected and has Republican majorities in the House and Senate.

Actually, that’s a smart move. Why should he waste the time when everyone knows the Democrats will never work with him on anything ever.

Sue Hooe, Cary

Release full Mueller report

If the president is innocent, there is nothing to fear in releasing the Mueller report – we paid for it.

We waited all this time for it and we deserve to know the whole truth.

I urge Sens. Richard Burr and Thom Tillis to urge the Department of Justice to release it to the House, the Senate, and the people. We, the American people, demand to see and read the truth for ourselves.

We cannot move forward in confidence and faith in our government if we do not see the full report. Release the Mueller report now.

Kathy Ammon, Apex

Tillis made the right move

Regarding criticism of Sen. Thom Tillis for reversing his position on the Democrat-sponsored national security resolution: Putting myself in Tillis’ shoes, I would have done the same.

I, too, would have wanted to represent my constituents, who are on President Trump’s side, especially in dealing with illegal immigrants.

I would have worried less about who has “the call” on distributing government funds and more about drugs, criminals and terrorists being secreted into the country.

The conditions at the border and issues about handling illegal immigrants represent a national emergency and should be treated as such. The assertion that this is a manufactured threat to this country is rubbish.

David E. Bailey, Aberdeen

A roadblock for college-age voters

Regarding “Fix the student voter ID mess” (April 1 Opinion):

Not making sure that all students enrolled in the N.C. university system can vote does not bode well for the state in 2020.

Having only five of the 17 UNC System schools approved makes no sense at all. All university students, public and private, must be able to cast their votes. Any denial or roadblock steals away that right to vote.

North Carolina is better than this. Lawmakers who clearly feel that the voter ID law is “fine the way it is” confirm my suspicion that they do not want a democratic North Carolina and will continue to suppress the vote.

Jerome Brown, Raleigh

Wake County Voter Education Coalition chairman

Green New Deal is bold and sound

Re: “A risky, unsettling lunge to the left by Democrats” (April 1 Editorial)

I cannot more strongly disagree with the opinion that the Democrats are on a risky path, lunging to the left. In fact, the Democrats are not lurching to the left, they are trying to wrench the country back to normalcy.

The Republicans have ceded control of the rudder to Big Business and Big Money, whose only interests lie in increasing their preposterously large profits and personal wealth.

Almost 90 years ago, in response to Herbert Hoover’s ineffective response to the Great Depression and laissez-faire policies, FDR created the New Deal to bring about economic relief and reforms in industry, agriculture, finance, energy, labor and housing. This country – and the planet – are in even worse shape today.

We are in desperate need of bold and creative ideas and the willpower to undertake them.

In a crisis state, tweaking around the edges will not help.

The Green New Deal will return us to civic responsibility and a goal of the greater good. The policies are principled and sound and will be paid for by leveling the economy.

Sherry Emanuel, Raleigh

Don’t be fooled by this N.C. bill

Bills often have names that hide their true purpose, such as the Military Base Protection Act, which would prohibit new wind farms in eastern North Carolina, ostensibly to protect military aviation.

The bill’s sponsors in the N.C. Senate want you to believe they are “protecting” an entity important to the state’s economy. The military is important, but that’s not the intent of this bill.

When it went into operation, the Amazon wind farm outside Elizabeth City was the largest taxpayer in two Tier 1 economically depressed counties in our state. Other wind farms are proposed for additional struggling eastern N.C. counties .

What actually has the Pentagon worried? The effects of climate change.

According to a new Pentagon report, two-thirds of the nation’s military installations are threatened by flooding, droughts and wildfires.

North Carolina should watch to see who supports this bill.

Cindy Elmore, Winterville

Bring on the Boeing lawsuits

Given how long the software “problem” has been known at Boeing, and apparently by FAA as well, I am suggesting that the software be renamed to more accurately describe what is happening with this “bug.”

Instead of Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System, I suggest it be renamed Many Customers Are Dead.

This may very well damage Boeing significantly, and the Federal Aviation Administration as well. Let the lawsuits begin!

Charles R. Schroeder, Cary

Families like R.J.’s make U.S. great

Thank you for the story of R.J. Singh and his father Gurmit Singh. (“Clash of cultures: Son of immigrant chases his dream, March 31)

This is an example of the kind of family, rich with tradition and a strong work ethic, that we need today.

When woven into the fabric of our culture, R.J. and families like his add so much to our society and show us why it’s so important to look at all sides of the immigration story.

If the southern border had been closed for R.J.’s father, we wouldn’t have this bright young star with all the drive and determination he brings in pursuit of the American dream – his American dream – and that is what Makes America Great Always.

Rosalyn Spriggs, Angier