Letters to the Editor

04/12 Letters: NC lawmakers demonize providers, mislead on abortion

NCGA on abortion

As a family doctor who has worked in Chapel Hill, Winston-Salem and Fayetteville, I find the N.C. General Assembly’s continued politicization of health care disturbing. The latest effort to demonize providers of abortion care and their patients is SB 359.

My patients care little about politics when seeking health care. They want a doctor they can trust to provide individualized care.

Instead of focusing on real problems, such as maternal mortality and limited access to health care, our legislators are using inflammatory and misleading language to attempt to dictate care of pregnant patients.

This bill seeks to inject politicians into the patient-provider relationship, disregarding medical training and clinical judgment and undermining doctors’ ability to determine the best medical care with our patients. Is this what we want from our lawmakers?

We all deserve access to health care based on our medical needs and the clinical judgment of someone we trust, not political ideology.

Dr. Dalia Brahmi, Carrboro

Thankful on coal ash

Thankful. This is how I and the communities most impacted by Duke Energy’s coal ash pits feel.

We are thankful that Gov. Roy Cooper and DEQ Secretary Michael Regan are requiring Duke to clean up after itself and are putting a priority on the protection of our drinking water and health.

Duke Energy is informed enough to have known better and certainly profitable enough to afford to pay for cleanup without raising rates on the people of North Carolina – especially those with fixed incomes or families struggling paycheck-to-paycheck.

Lubana Lanewala, Raleigh

Too many handouts

After reading “$1M sought to fund tuition-free Wake trade programs” (April 10) I am appalled that Commissioner Matt Calabria thinks the county should give 600 students a free education by allotting them $1 million in free money to them.

I am a retired Raleigh police officer and when I decided I wanted to become a police officer I worked part time in addition to working full-time and raising two children.

These kids should not be exempt from earning money to go to school. Why can't they work part-time as we did and help themselves instead of being given a handout?

Apparently Commissioner Calabria does not live on a fixed income like most of us who have not had a cost of living adjustment in over 10 years.

He and the rest of the commissioners need to remember the money they so freely want to give away is not theirs, it belongs to all Wake County residents.

Jerry D. Narron, Raleigh

Step up for rural NC

As a small business owner in the health field, net neutrality directly impacts me and my clients.

Congress needs to step up to the plate on net neutrality to pass bipartisan, common-sense legislation that protects consumers and small businesses like mine without stifling investment in broadband infrastructure.

Reliable communication is a must in my business.

I live in a rural community that does not always have reliable internet service. Poor service has already impacted my ability to respond to a client emergency, an incident that could have had dire health consequences for that client.

Without net neutrality, speeds for small business could grind to a halt.

I hope the Senate will put partisanship aside and consider a compromise that can actually make it into law. That’s the only way to protect net neutrality and encourage private investment in rural broadband.

Laura Dawson, Castle Hayne

My plan for Dix Park

I have an idea for the Dix Park property: Build a state of the art, world-class mental health complex.

Include facilities for the criminally insane to the mildly depressed. This will reduce domestic abuse, homelessness, prison overcrowding, and suicides.

Make North Carolina a national leader in mental health care.

Mark Smith, Garner

Trump’s discord

President Trump threatens closure of the southern border and huge tariffs remain on some Chinese goods. He continues to personally attack judges, reporters, his own appointees, and hold political rallies that pit Americans against each other based on race, political affiliation and sexual orientation.

Granted, our country’s history has never been completely harmonious, but the discord and disarray created by Trump borders on chaos and appears to be his main political strategy.

Better one that seeks to bring Americans together in harmony that can sustain our democracy, rather than ending in societal chaos and anarchy.

Mike Pedneau, Raleigh