Letters to the Editor

4/26 Letters: Pitts is wrong about GOP and Ocasio-Cortez

AOC is out of touch

Regarding “GOP, you look dopey when you attack AOC” (April 23):

So now Leonard Pitts is defending Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez saying the GOP is looking goofy in going after her? Are you kidding me, Mr. Pitts?

By now the entire country knows that Ocasio-Cortez is out of touch with the country.

Lee Stem, Durham

Dems must impeach

If Democrats don’t impeach Trump now, I’m finished with the party after over five decades. Finished, as in I will never vote for any Democrat again.

There’s no guarantee we can get him out of office “at the ballot box.” That’s an evasion tactic by Democratic leaders.

We have all the evidence we need – no more delay-and-evade tactics by Democratic leaders.

We can’t worry about what the Senate will do (another evasion tactic).

Democrats must be able to walk and chew gum – impeach and pass legislation – or they don’t deserve to lead.

Karen Porter, Carrboro

Enablers in Congress

Celia Rivenbark nailed it in her Sunday column. The biggest problem is not Donald Trump. We knew he was a lying cheat with no morals and the temperament of a 6-year-old.

The biggest problem is the enablers in Congress who overlook and gaslight his misdeeds to further their agenda and line their pockets.

In setting up the rules for removing a president from office, the Founding Fathers clearly envisioned that someone of questionable morals and integrity might somehow become president. It is our misfortune that they did not envision a Congress packed with people with a similar lack of integrity who would put party and money before country.

Susan Marshall, Raleigh

A dog-whistle bill

Regarding “Denying God’s law” (April 21 Forum): There are already laws against killing children born alive no matter the circumstances; it’s called murder.

There is also no evidence that such a thing happens. This self-serving law written by GOP was a blatant attempt to give Republicans a dog-whistle issue to bring voters to the polls.

As for our “Judeo-Christian roots,” we are a secular nation. Our Founding Fathers decreed it.

In addition, your faith is not necessarily mine. That makes neither of us right or wrong, just different.

Denise Bricker, Clayton

A bus with benefits

Now that Durham light rail is out of the picture, hopefully the attention will turn to hydrogen fuel-cell electric buses.

This unfettered technology is already being used in the bus industry. Its ability to be operated without being tied to more expensive, disruptive investments in tracks, road closings, and/or dangerous crossings offers a real useful public transit option for those who need it.

Plus, it is actually taking cars off the roads due to the convenience of the system.

Such a system also has climate benefits.

It also offers the efficiency of smaller or larger buses based on route needs.

A.C. Sykes, Durham

Rethink online pre-K

Rather than fully funding NC Pre-K, a program for at risk 4-year-olds, state Rep. Craig Horn proposes using UPSTART, an online program. (“Lawmakers looking at online pre-K for underserved kids,” April 18)

Qualifying families would be given computers and internet access. There are all kinds of things wrong with this proposal.

Usually the parents of at-risk children are the ones responsible for their children being at-risk. They have already failed their children because they have not spent quality time playing with, talking to, or reading with their children.

During 10 years as a guardian ad litem, many of the children I served would have qualified. I would have never supported such an agreement. I have no doubt some parents would sell computers to purchase drugs.

I suggest Horn talk with people who actually know these at-risk children and their parents. Talk with teachers, caregivers, childcare providers, medical professionals, social workers, and anyone else who touches the lives of children. Then, make proposals that would really help in educating and preparing the future leaders of our state and country.

Cindy McPhail, Lillington

Keep taxes private

Regarding “Release tax returns,” (April 25 Forum):

The April 25 letter writer demands to see Trump’s tax returns. Why? President Trump is not required to release them.

The IRS has them, decades of them, and has not recommended any prosecutions.

Selective transparency is the Democrats’ modus operandi.

The president did not relinquish his rights to privacy when elected.

David Campbell, Raleigh