Letters to the Editor

5/02 Letters: NC sheriffs have no business doing ICE’s bidding

Don’t work with ICE

In “Sheriffs opposed to ICE detention put politics ahead of safety” (April 30 Opinion) J. Peder Zane claims to believe in the rule of law, but the law does not require sheriffs to work with ICE, and Zane is far too comfortable dismissing serious constitutional concerns with HB 370.

The anti-immigrant bill, which would force N.C. sheriffs to help federal immigration officers detain and deport community members or face fines of up to $25,000 a day, requires sheriffs to hold someone in jail for ICE even if they are legally eligible for release, in likely violation of the Fourth Amendment.

So-called “detainer requests” have led to the prolonged detention of thousands of people without probable cause, judicial approval, or basic due process protections. The ACLU of Florida found that ICE has even wrongfully detained U.S. citizens, issuing more than 400 detainer requests for citizens in Miami-Dade County alone.

Democratically elected N.C. sheriffs have stopped working with Trump’s deportation force because doing so harms public safety, spreading fear, diverting resources, and making people less likely to report crimes or trust law enforcement.

That conclusion is supported by their own experiences and from studies by groups including the libertarian Cato Institute.

North Carolina sheriffs have no business doing ICE’s bidding.

Alissa Ellis, Raleigh

Regional Immigrant Rights’ Strategist, ACLU of N.C.

Defining abortion

I strongly disagree with the writer’s assessment of the abortion procedure in “ ‘Unplanned’ film is inaccurate,” (May 1 Forum).

In no way should it be considered “healthcare.”It is killing an innocent person who has no opportunity to decide whether he or she lives or dies at any stage of development.

Mickie Masini, Raleigh

Holocaust history

Regarding “Teach black history, “ (April 30 Forum):

Make no mistake, I fully support teaching about Black History and African-American studies. So does the state of North Carolina, which currently requires teaching about the slave trade, civil rights movement, African American history, Native American history, Trail of Tears, Middle Passage, and much more in the state’s required curriculum.

Black History Month is recognized and celebrated in virtually every school in America throughout February. It is infused throughout our state curriculum, which also includes a state-approved elective, “African American Studies.”

The same is not true for the Holocaust and other genocides. House Bill 437 would remedy that.

It would be divisive, counterproductive, and beneath any of us to debate the merits or compare plights of groups persecuted throughout history. However, when arguing the merits of legislation it is important to do so based on facts.

As vice chairman of the North Carolina Council on the Holocaust, I want all of our students to graduate with a fundamental understanding of all of our histories, even the most uncomfortable.

Richard Schwartz, Raleigh

Require more trees

Regarding “Kane Realty’s 40-story tower gets okay from planning commission,” (April 26):

John Kane of Kane Realty certainly will never receive any greenscaping awards. I honestly believe he would have preferred to put his Peace Street project on the street itself, and on the side streets too.

What has happened to setbacks? What has happened to the importance of trees in the City of Oaks?

In these days of global warming, we need more trees, not more concrete monstrosities. Zoning is not doing its job, or our outdated codes need serious updating.

“Greed, Not Green” is this developer’s mantra.

Barbara Quinby, Raleigh

It wasn’t about Lee

Donald Tramp landed another sucker punch on the media and the American public.

Responding to Joe Biden’s reopening of Trump’s “fine people” among Nazis demonstrators at Charlottesville, the president claimed he was referring to supporters of keeping a Robert E. Lee statue.

Some inthe media, et al, diverted their attention toward whether Lee was an honorable American hero or a villain and away from Trump’s entirely fabricated and pathetic excuse to justify his praise of white nationalist bigots.

Indeed, at the very moment Trump lied to the press, a domestic white nationalist was in process of committing a terrorist attack on innocent Americans at a synagogue in Poway, Calif.

There is ample cause for the House to impeach this president and for the Senate to convict. I’m sure even Robert E. Lee would agree.

Irwin Rovner, Cary