Letters to the Editor

5/09 Letters: 10% tax increase isn’t needed. Go back to the drawing board.

No to Wake tax hike

I could have fallen out of my chair when I read that the Wake County manager is proposing a 10 percent increase in our property tax rate.

Our county government should have to figure out how to make the hard budget decisions most of us have to with minimal or no increase in funds.

In reading the summary details of the budget proposal, all I see are requests for increases in funding. Where are the proposals for expense reduction and cost-cutting?

I say sharpen your pencil, go back to the drawing board, and figure out how to better manage costs and programs so you don’t have to financially burden our citizens to this degree.

The increasingly left-leaning trajectory of our county government is extremely disconcerting. What happened to the responsible conservative leadership of this formerly great county I grew up in?

Ross Rhudy, Raleigh

Burr must step up

Tuesday, Sen. Richard Burr stated, “I take for granted Bob Mueller put in his report exactly what he found and exactly what he wanted the American people to read,” as the reason Mueller shouldn’t be asked to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

What Burr’s statement ignores is the tremendous damage done by Attorney General William Barr’s misleading summary of Mueller’s report, delivered long before important details in the report were released to the public.

The attorney general sadly misled the Senate when he said “I don’t know whether Bob Mueller supported my conclusion” after Mueller had written him a strong letter expressing concerns.

We need to stop relying on the spin from a misleading Attorney General and hear Mueller’s opinions and reasoning directly from Mueller as soon as possible.

Sen. Burr, please step up and do whatever you can to facilitate justice.

Rosalie Dominik, Durham

Starving NC schools

The column “Partisanship hurt teacher rally” (May 5 Opinion) left me feeling that Colin Campbell did not understand why few teachers bothered to go toRepublican representatives’ offices and work across the aisle.

Possibly he did not see “House passes bill allowing transfer of subpar schools” (May 6). It was about the Innovative School District bill, which will allow “state takeover of low-performing schools” and give them to outside groups, namely charter schools, to run.

This furthers the Christian right’s agenda of finding ways to put its brand of religion and associated views of history and science in public schools.

I fear Campbell is too sanguine in thinking that public schools will be improved under their watch.

The Republican majority continues to starve public education. The teachers should save their strength and breath. I think they knew what they were doing when they didn’t knock those doors.

Jesse Kaufmann, Hillsborough

Heed UN report

“Former shopping mall near RDU to become office space” (May 7) gets a front-page banner.

Yet, hidden back on page 4 is the critically important, “UN report: Humans are accelerating extinction of species,” which notes that over-development and invasive species are causing a “biodiversity crisis.”

Time to start connecting the dots.

North Carolina’s Piedmont region has a unique and rich natural environmental, hosting northern and southern plants, animals, birds, butterflies and other species.

We can continue the developmental practice of clear-cutting a construction site, obliterating native species and putting up one more lifeless new development with ornamental bushes and sprayed/toxic sod lawns. Or, we can help abate the global environmental imbalance through implementing development standards with environmentally renewable buildings and landscapes with native plant species.

We can showcase the year-round natural beauty of the Piedmont, and help abate climate change.

The UN report is calling for action by all of us – now!

Catherine Alguire, Chapel Hill

Close Guantanamo

Regarding “US preparing for detainees to die of old age at Guantanamo Bay,” (April 28) and related letters:

Why can’t these 40 Guantanamo prisoners be transferred to a maximum security prison on the mainland? Why are we willing to pay $10 million per prisoner per year? And the Trump administration wants to keep this facility open for 25 more years!

On top of that absurd plan, Trump wants to spend an additional $88.5 million on upgrades to provide the prisoners better care as they age and require additional health care and hospice services.

Sounds like a plush senior retirement home. We need an uprising about this stupidity. Is anybody listening?

Sharon Norton, Raleigh