Letters to the Editor

5/17 Letters: Fed up with doltish behavior by NC Dems, GOP

Revenge politics

When Pat McCrory was elected governor, I was hoping the Republicans would not overreach like the Democrats before them.

Turns out the Republicans acted more witless than the Democrats.

If someone is doing a good job and their party affiliation is different than the party in the majority, they should be allowed to stay in their job.

It was a huge mistake to remove Kim Strach as director of the State Board of Elections. She was a fair and even-handed director.

It appears the Democrats have learned nothing from the Republican over-reach of the past few years. Her removal amounts to revenge politics by the Democrats, a strategy honed to a sharp edge by the current Republican majority.

I am sick and tired of the doltish behavior displayed by some people in both parties.

Robert Mulder, Raleigh

Zane is wrong

The only fully accurate statement in J. Peder Zane’s “Democrats should be searching their souls” column (May 9) was: “This is no longer politics, it’s political war – a state in which truth is always the first casualty.”

He spins a narrative of Democrat and media deceit, before declaring a blatant falsehood: “the Mueller report was unequivocal: there was no conspiracy with Russia.”

Unequivocal means leaving no doubt. Mueller’s report was not unequivocal and never states without doubt that conspiracy didn’t occur.

Zane clearly ignores this fact and in doing so produces another truth casualty, extending the political war in which he willingly participates as a partisan pundit.

James Riley, Wake Forest

Don’t be like NY

Regarding “Raleigh’s growth has become a booming headache” (May 12 Opinion):

As a former Long Island correspondent for a NYC TV station, I covered out-of-control growth stories for many years before moving here in 1997.

Ladies and gentlemen of Raleigh and Durham, you need to take action now, before it is too late.

As Lewis Beale suggested, just drive along Hillsborough Street near N.C. State University. It is like Midtown Manhattan, with only one lane of traffic in each direction and high-rise apartment buildings just feet away.

Who allowed this type of zoning and for what reason?

I am heartbroken to see this urban blight begin to ruin another area.

I urge all of you to become active in planning issues before it is too late.

Don’t let the big builders and developers run wild, and hold responsible those in the public spotlight who betray their homeland.

I know some growth is healthy for the overall economy, but it must be done within reason and with an eye on the future.

Doug Spero, Raleigh

Kids paying the price

It now appears that Second Amendment rights in the United States are being secured by the lives and bodies of our school children.

Two recent shooting took the lives of brave, young men who acted selflessly on behalf of classmates. Their heroism was extraordinary.

However, calls for young people to “do what they can to disrupt an active shooter” seem to put the onus on the students to resolve the matter.

Do we add to their trauma by having them feel guilty if they don’t throw themselves into the line of fire? Is this all we can do to end or limit the destruction school shootings cause?

If so, is it not a complete abrogation of our responsibilities to our children and our society – and, in my opinion, obscene in every sense?

Perhaps we need to broaden our definition of “right to life” to include the health and welfare of our children at any age or stage of life.

Margaret Magnani, Cary

Eliminate DST

What I found so interesting in Matthew Metzgar’s “Don’t make Daylight Saving Time permanent,” (May 13 Opinion) were the numerous positive health affects that reinstating Standard Time permanently would bring us.

We’ve been warned about too much fat, too little exercise and socialization, smoking, drinking and overeating for years with much zeal.

Don’t make Daylight Savings Time permanent. It’s a bad idea. And please, seriously consider eliminating it completely.

Standard Time would be a life-enhancing move without much effort or to-do. Businesses will be fine and yard work will get done. What’s the problem?

Nancy Newsom, Raleigh

2 Trump slumps

President Trump is the only president in my memory that, through his own frantic policies, can destroy the stock market twice in a period of six months.

What a crowning achievement!

Doug Jurney, Raleigh