Letters to the Editor

5/24 Letters: I will never support abortion

I oppose abortion

Regarding “Abortion bill stuck in NC House” (May 17):

It’s interesting to me how a woman who wants a baby and finds out she is pregnant delights in this and tells her family and friends that she is having a “baby.

Another woman finds out she is pregnant but doesn’t want a child and does not acknowledge that it is a “baby” and wants an abortion.

Wake up. When you’re pregnant at any day/time it is a human being!

I will never support a woman’s view that she can have an abortion. It is a living, breathing life. If you do not want to be pregnant, do not have sex!

Elizabeth Olsson, Apex

Focus on birth control

Regarding “Abortions rights supporters rally as part of national response to new laws” (May 21) and related articles:

For a great number of abortion opponents, the movement isn’t so much about abortion as it is about sex before marriage, with full-term pregnancy as a form of punishment.

If all abortion opponents supported birth control and sex education, the abortion rate would approach zero on its own.

Richard LeBlond, Richlands

Davis is no moderate

Regarding Colin Campbell’s “NC Democrats are rejecting moderates,” (May 17):

Calling Sen. Don Davis a moderate is about as accurate as calling a bill that accuses doctors and mothers of taking action to cause the death of newborn babies “inconsequential.”

There is nothing “inconsequential” about passage of an extreme bill that undermines bodily autonomy for people with wombs and suggests that we are not capable of making good, sound medical decisions about our own bodies.

This bill originated with extremists who want to end abortion, and the myths it propagates are being highlighted by Donald Trump – by no means a moderate.

As a nonpartisan organization that promotes women in leadership who are champions of reproductive freedom, Lillian’s List is neither an arm of the Democratic Party, nor are we interested in “purity tests.”

All we seek is elected officials who will trust women.

Regardless of whether they are from Greene, Pitt, or any other part of the state, elected officials ought to stand for reproductive freedom and gender equity.

Don Davis clearly does neither and he deserves to be challenged by someone who will.

Sarah Preston, Raleigh

Executive director, Lillian’s List Action Fund

Get ID bill right

Regarding “Bill would let students vote with college IDs” (May 22):

Please get the “new” bill on letting students vote with college IDs right.

Students who are enrolled in any of the UNC System schools should be able to cast a vote if they have their students ID.

Why this is so difficult to get right is beyond my understanding.

What is there to be afraid of?

Get it done the right way so that democracy is not impeded in North Carolina. Do the right thing.

By the way, add back the Saturday that was taken away. Sen. Floyd McKissick got this one right when he said Saturday voting was “desperately needed and would help a lot of people.”

Jerome Brown, Raleigh

Chairman, Wake County Voter Education Coalition

Public schools suffer

Regarding “NC Senate votes to lift student cap for online charters,” (May 9):

Why is the state is allowing privately owned virtual schools which have receive failing grades to increase their enrollment and continue to operate?

Meanwhile, a public school with such a rating would be subject to a takeover by the state and handed to a similar private corporation to manage.

Such prejudicial legislation by the N.C. General Assembly will devastate our public school system.

Mary Jane Marshbanks, Buies Creek

Get Trump’s taxes

We need to challenge the president’s refusal to submit his tax returns to public scrutiny.

As the leader of a democratic nation, he must reassure us that we are still a democracy subject to the will of the people, whose representatives must rein in our president’s actions when they defile his office.

Karyn Joyner, Burlington

Trump is like me

President Trump calls his former lawyer Michael Cohen a “rat,” but a rat is a person who snitches on you by telling the truth of what they know about you. I am a person with a “street” history. I can spot a con man from a mile away because I used to be one.

Jacques Floyd

The writer is an inmate at Polk Correctional Institution in Butner