Letters to the Editor

5/29 Letters: Why are the customers expected to clean up Duke’s coal ash mess?

Coal ash costs

Duke Energy ignored doing the right thing regarding the mountains of coal ash it created while making mountains of profit. Duke should have spent modest mounts of its revenue to properly dispose of the coal ash as it was created. Duke didn’t do its homework. Now it has to stay after school.

Duke now wants to pass along to us, its customers, the great costs of finally properly disposing of the coal ash which has been a danger to our health while it sat there and sank into our water supply. They did not even stockpile the coal ash properly. This matter is not our burden to bear, though Duke has asked the rate commission to approve a rate increase, so it would not have to bear the costs of doing business. Clearly, Duke’s executives were asleep at the wheel, and they want us to bail them out. That’s nonsense, because good and bad decisions by the executives are the wins and losses of the company. Let us not overlook the fact that Duke Energy is the largest electric energy producer in the U.S. Duke Energy has the bucks.

Mark Zimmerman


After the birth?

The decision to have an abortion is never to be taken lightly. A woman and her partner must decide if they can truly care for the child once he or she is born, because there is no guarantee that any person, government or organization will help them. Many states, including our own, fight expansion of Medicaid and continue to cut funding for social programs. Therefore, the child may not have food, housing or medical care, let alone higher education and a chance at a successful life. If we as a state and nation feel that life begins at conception, are we also willing to step up and support the child and the family after birth? Or are we only capable of interpreting scripture and spouting platitudes to force him to be born?

Kathleen Kalinowski


Abortion alternatives

No one seems to be mentioning a good alternative to abortion. If the woman does not want the baby, rather than aborting it, she could always put it up for adoption. With adoption, everybody wins: especially the baby, the adopting parents, and the woman who carried the baby.

Ralph M. Perhac, Ph.D.


Consider the costs

When billionaire Robert Smith announced that he would pay the student loan debt for all graduating 2019 Morehouse College seniors, a tremendous wave of joy and surprise rippled through the audience. One of the future recipients’ mothers had taken out a loan of $200,000, so that her son could graduate with a degree in sociology. This degree has an average salary of $57,000.

I am amazed that someone would pursue this major while running up a $200,000 tab. Is no one advising these students on future earnings? Are parents taking out the loans and not considering their retirement plans? Morehouse college seniors were extremely blessed because of this gift. What is the future college loan situation for all other college students everywhere?

Celia S. Kiffor


Lack of respect

What president takes a foreign trip on Memorial Day? Veterans who blindly support this draft dodger should be ashamed of themselves. The lack of respect shown our WWII vets is appalling.

Paul Staley


D-Day memories

I want to thank you for the Memorial Day front page piece on four D-Day Veterans’ stories. There are so few of those brave men still with us. My father was a Normandy survivor as well. He didn’t talk about it much until his nineties. But he said he’d wake up every morning in France or Germany, unsure if this would be the day he would die. Then went to sleep at night thanking God for granting him his life that day. Think about that the next time you’re complaining about a politician or the news. Puts it all in perspective for me. Thank you Dad for your service.

Paul Andrews


Another war

How many more people will have to die in the Middle East? How many more American soldiers will we have to remember on Memorial Day? Now President Trump and his advisers plan to start another war, this time against Iran. There will be four wars going on at the same time. The draft may need to be re-instituted. When will Congress stop this cycle of every president starting another war? We are tired of these unending wars. We need to elect a totally different slate of politicians and replace the current ones in Washington.

Kurt Becker