Letters to the Editor

6/06 Letters: Wake County tax increase is out of line

Tax hike too high

The 10.1 percent tax increase approved by the WakeCounty Board of Commissioners is out of line.

As Commissioner Sig Hutchinson said, “To me it does not represent responsible government…I do believe in incremental tax increases, but I believe this is too much.”

Surely the vast majority of Wake residents are not experiencing an annual income increase of 10 percent. So what personal budget items do the six commissioners who approved the budget think should be the source of funds to pay this increase? Less child care, take two buses to work instead of driving, cut the kids’ allowance, eat more PB&J?

Now I’ll know who not to vote for.

Howard Wasserman, Raleigh

GOP policy failing

Our GOP legislature expresses concern about well-being from conception to birth, yet they refuse money to cover prenatal care, well child and well person care.

Yet access to family planning services reduces unwanted pregnancies and abortion. Prenatal care decreases costs, both financial and emotional, compared to admission to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Those states which expanded Medicaid have seen: decreased hospital and emergency room use, greater access to behavioral health and primary care services, increased spending for opioid treatment, and decreased infant, child and adult mortality rates.

The GOP-led Congress voted over 60 times to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Denying healthcare coverage to citizens, both in North Carolina and nationwide, is apparently Republican policy.

The consequences of that policy are crystal clear.

Dr. Mindy Oshrain, Durham

Step up for students

As the District 6 Wake County school board member, I feel compelled to celebrate the talents and gifts of students at Broughton High School as a response to the story that stereotyped this compassionate, diverse and complex community.

During eight years on the board, I’ve seen a steep increase in students experiencing anxiety and self-harm, across the county.

Our faith communities and schools need to work with families to help, and we as parents and community members should be celebrating our youth.

The school board has rightfully pushed local and state governments for additional counselors, social workers, psychologists and other social/emotional supports for schools. These professionals will cost more money, but we can no longer ignore the needs of stressed-out students.

Our children are watching us, so let’s step up for them, focusing on a hopeful future and giving them the strength they need to cultivate their brilliance.

Christine Kushner, Raleigh

Tariffs boomerang

President Trump believes his tariffs are throwing spears at our enemies, but they are really boomerangs.

How long before my fellow Americans get tired of getting “hit upside the head” before they take action?

The only thing worse than the Democrats wanting to use 20th century solutions to solve our 21st century problems is the Republicans wanting to use 19th century solutions.

A tariff is simply a sales tax that takes money from consumers in order to protect uncompetitive businesses. Why are taxpayers protecting incompetent management?

Jerry James, Durham

Mueller goaded Dems

Apparently Robert Mueller was not satisfied with the pace of Democrats’ efforts to impeach the president so he decided to goad them a little with his 10-minute diatribe.

Mueller said himself it is not fair to besmirch someones reputation while not giving them a chance to defend themselves. But this is exactly what he did.

He violated the most basic requirement for a prosecutor. You either find someone guilty or you shut up. It’s not his job to exonerate anyone.

If Mueller had any integrity about him he would have looked into how this whole investigation got started with the dossier Hillary Clinton paid for and corrupt Trump haters in the FBI and Department of Justice.

Vincent DiSandro, Hillsborough

Not a witch hunt

Last week my sister gave me the full Mueller report on Kindle. Some issues that leap out:

▪ The two book summaries should have been released Day One.

▪ The Russians dramatically assaulted our election process.

▪ Media ads, emails, rallies, and hacks reached 120 million people.

▪ The Trump campaign clearly, and willingly, benefited.

▪ The second book obstruction examples are maddening

▪ Several places in the book indicate Congress should act

My final thought: The Mueller report was definitely not a “witch hunt.”

Robert Kennel, Holly Springs