Letters to the Editor

6/10 Letters: Durham doesn’t need gun laws. It needs more law enforcement.

More Durham police

Between New Year’s Day 2010 and May 21 this year, 300 homicides have been reported in Durham. Yet community activists, including Durham Beyond Policing and Jewish Voice for Peace, recently asked our City Council to deny City Manager Tom Bonfield’s request, included in his proposed 2019 budget, for 18 new police officers Our City Council wants an open and welcoming city with equality for all; however, with equal opportunity comes the bad as well as the good.

Some activist groups want the money for the officers be used instead to fund food, housing and jobs. They think a “community-led task safety and wellness task force” is better than more police officers. What happens when bad persons victimize and cause harmful injures to the activists? With at least 30 new residents reportedly moving into Durham daily, residents and businesses need safety, not idealism. It is time to face reality and hire the additional officers, or we will have even more murders and serious injuries caused by guns.

Mark G Rodin


Roosevelt’s prayer

At the 75th D-Day commemoration in England,, it seemed like a travesty to hear President Trump read President Roosevelt’s prayer on the eve of the invasion of the European continent by Allied Forces to liberate it from nationalistic (Nazi) Germany.

The nationalistic and isolationist leanings of this president would have been abhorrent to Roosevelt. World War II was fought against Trump’s kind of thinking.

I am speaking as the daughter of a German soldier who fought in Normandy. He was taken prisoner by Canadian forces and sent to a POW camp in England for two years, where he fortunately had a chance to experience the values the Allies were fighting for.

Heidrun Bartsch


Day of prayer

A recent letter scolded Franklin Graham for calling for a special day of prayer for our president. Yet Jesus, in several passages, tells us to pray for our enemies, and Paul in I Timothy urges us to pray “for kings and all who are in high positions.” So I fail to see how following the commands of Jesus and Paul and praying for our president, could possibly lead to “the slaughter of truth and decency now underway in these United States.”

Bobby Alsobrooks


Vast potential

I recently learned more about an organization which has been serving the community a long time. The 100 Black Men of Triangle East is devoted to improving the quality of life for young African-American males through programs focusing on health and wellness, economic empowerment, mentoring, and education. BMTE mentors are trained to work with youth in grades six through 12 to promote academic success, good health, and financial literacy. The chapter is one of more than 100 chapters throughout America. There is no fee for youth to participate. The Youth Enhancement Academy is held bi-weekly on Saturdays to assist at-risk African American males in high school in Durham and Wake counties to develop high self-esteem and an appreciation for the value of a good education.

Other programs include STEM workshops, community Health Fairs, Sports fairs, Scholarship galas, work-site visits, investing seminars and tutoring. The organization needs more mentors. The Triangle community has much to offer and many capable potential mentors who could positively impact the lives of young men trying to find their way in this world. The potential is vast for trusted advisers to help create tomorrow’s leaders and productive members of society.

Evelyn Dove Coleman


Affordable housing

A 10% increase in the Wake County tax will slowly lead to converting existing affordable housing into unaffordable housing at a time when more affordable housing is needed. It’s time to look at ways to decrease costs, not continue increases without adequate justification. Charter schools provide low income parents with a choice and have been shown to have a lower per pupil cost than the public schools. The school board should look at how this is accomplished and give homeowners a decrease in property taxes. I have supported salary increases for teachers, but a better metric than 29th in the nation is needed to know where NC stands. Comparing salaries by the salary divided by a local cost of living index is a more accurate metric and could also be used to compare salaries in NC communities.

James M Geyer