Letters to the Editor

6/20 Letters: Wake sheriff Gerald Baker must reinstate well-checks on seniors

Keep well-checks

I am angry that the Wake County sheriff’s office is dropping the Citizens Well-Check program from the protective services offered to the elderly citizens of this county. (June 19)

The reason given for this action infuriated me even more: Baker said Tuesday that he was elected last fall because he promised to serve all of Wake County, and Citizens Well-Check serves only a small fraction of local seniors.

Unforgivable! Please reconsider this action.

Mary Conyers, Cary

Oust commissioners

The recent 10.1 percent increase in Wake County property taxes is appalling.

It appears with the exception of Sig Hutchinson the balance of the Democratic commissioners are way out of bounds. I look forward to replacing them in the next election with some commissioners who have better management skills.

Marshall Matthews, Garner

Hypocritical Holding

Regarding “Duke-UNC ‘anti-Semitic rhetoric’ under probe” (June 18):

U.S. Rep. George Holding said he’d seen “reports of severe anti-Israeli bias and anti-Semitic rhetoric at a taxpayer-funded conference.

Does George ever listen to our president?

I have not heard Holding challenge the president regarding his blatant lies, disrespect of our allies and anyone he deems to be the political threat of the moment.

In case the congressman does not know it, the president is a taxpayer-funded employee.

Chuck Schroeder, Cary

Fix the real issue

In “NC Senate approves a personal-finance class for graduation” (June 19), Sen. Jerry Tillman says, “It’s certainly worth a full unit to teach financial literacy to these kids who are going to be incurring a lot of debt in the next few years. College loan debt now is probably about $40,000 per graduate.”

Leave it to the Senate to ignore the problem of the ridiculous increases in college and university costs and then “solve” it by requiring our already history- and civics-deprived high school students to give up that education time to learn how to manage their debt.

I suppose that next they will require science classes to address global warming by teaching our students how to manage their increased perspiration.

Alan Briggs, West Jefferson

Illogical wind bill

In another illogical move, N.C. Senate Republicans have sent a bad bill on to the House, this time extending a moratorium on wind power.

Senate Bill 377 contains provisions that, under the guise of protecting military bases, would block wind turbines across hundreds of square miles across the state.

Bill sponsors encouraged passage in spite of a Department of Defense Siting Clearinghouse view that it is not needed, then suggested the relevant section will be removed in the House.

Some bill supporters say they don’t trust the federal government, but it appears it may be Republican legislators that are untrustworthy.

Roger Diedrich, Huntersville

Branding ‘socialists’

The recent Jay Ambrose opinion piece on Elizabeth Warren is an early volley in the coming corporate orchestrated media war to brand her an extreme lefty.

It won’t work; it’s not, “craziness,” for the people to want a government that’s fair to them.

After four decades of the corporate friendless that stifled their economic progress, the mass of voters have come alive with a desire to elect those beholden to them — not the corporations and wealthy.

It’s untenable that the U.S., alone among the wealthy nations, does not have universal healthcare.

The political pendulum swung so far to the right that its reversal was inevitable.

Bernie Sanders started the swing back in 2016, it accelerated in 2018 and will continue with Elizabeth Warren and other progressives in 2020.

Thomas McKee, Cary

Lynching apology

Regarding “Sheriff apologizes to victim of ‘52 attempted lynching” (June 14):

Wake County Sheriff Gerald Baker, nor any of his staff, had anything to do with the “lynching” and consequently cannot possibly give an apology, which is an admission of error as apologies are defined.

Since this is the case, what Baker and the liberally biased News & Observer did was an exercise in exploiting Lynn Council and the historical fact that it happened.

Does this exploitation do anything to mend the racial divide? One hundred times no!

It is the grit that assures the manifestation of hate and distrust.

Wayne Denning, Clayton