Letters to the Editor

6/27 letters: Forget the petty partisan battles to score political wins. Help the children.

Corralled in prisons

Our fellow humans seeking an escape from abject violence and poverty deserve respect and dignity.

Instead, they’re being corralled into prisons.

What crimes have they committed that merit poorer living conditions than we afford the most violent of domestic criminals? Most simply crossed a land border, walking from one nightmare into another.

If our government lacks funds, sufficient housing, or a proper supply of soap and toothbrushes, it should ask for help. I and many Americans surely stand at the ready.

Our government must not engage in petty, partisan battles that tie the potential vibrance of human life to scoring political wins. Fellow humans are suffering. Children are losing their childhoods.

I implore our representatives to step up and lead the nation towards a more compassionate response. We as citizens must demand it of them. The soul of this country depends upon it.

Mason Morris, Raleigh

Live our ideals

Rep. G. K. Butterfield must take a stand against the cruel and inhumane treatment of migrant children at the border.

These children are innocents, caught in their family’s attempts to find a better life in the United States. If we look through our family histories, this is a story that so many of our own families have as well.

Children are precious and vulnerable and should be protected and treasured, not sleeping on concrete floors and crying for their parents.

We are the richest, most compassionate country the world has ever known. We should live our national ideals.

Margaret Foster, Durham

Offensive cartoon

The cartoon depicting the president offending the Statue of Liberty was disgusting. This drivel by the N&O presents a terrible example for our young people interested in understanding current events. Shame on you.

Norman and Sally Davis, Garner

Trump chaos

It seems President Trump’s chaos strategy is paying off for him.

It’s hard to know whether to focus on his statement that he doesn’t need an exit strategy in a war with Iran, the latest accusation of rape, or his declaration of love for the North Korean dictator.

Particularly revolting are his deplorable, un-American policies at the border. Not only are they cruel, but they are ineffective. Border crossings are higher now than under President Obama.

Some of Trump’s sycophants continue to pretend the facilities are like “summer camps” and children and infants can “leave anytime they want.” They are lying.

As Trump hijacks our July 4th celebration to glorify himself, let’s remember the disgrace and shame he has brought to our country.

Mark Slattery, Raleigh

Expand Medicaid

Regarding “Reasons not to expand Medicaid” (June 23 Opinion)

Sen. Phil Berger says those who would most benefit from Medicaid expansion are 18- to 50-year-old able-bodied individuals.

Is he implying that these adults refuse to take a job that would provide health insurance, or that they have the funds to pay for it as a result of employment but are instead waiting around for Medicaid to be expanded?

He argues that if Medicaid is expanded we can all expect wait times at doctor’s offices to increase, tests and procedure to take longer to be scheduled, and overall health care costs to increase. These are the same arguments that were used against the Affordable Care Act and it simply did not happen.

It is time to expand Medicaid in North Carolina — plain and simple.

Sally Greaser, Raleigh

Be the solution

The Wake County sheriff’s decision to discontinue the Citizens Well-Check program has drawn attention to the fact that many adults are aging with little to no family or friends nearby.

For 27 years, The Center for Volunteer Caregiving has trained volunteers to provide unskilled caregiving services to older adults in Wake County who do not have the financial means to purchase caregiving services needed to maintain their independence.

Center volunteers provide friendly visits, telecare, home chore services, and transportation services for older adults who are isolated or lack support systems.

While The Center cannot replicate the Well-Check program, the services its volunteers provide are a crucial link to the community for many older adults. Be a part of the solution by becoming a volunteer: volunteercaregiving.org

Elaine Whitford, Cary

Director, The Center for Volunteer Caregiving