Letters to the Editor

7/12 Letters: City Council should OK 40-story tower planned for downtown Raleigh

Grow up, not out

Regarding “Raleigh council clears way for 12-story projects, but 40-story tower will have to wait” (July 3):

Having grown up in Raleigh doing the 1960s and moving away to work in Los Angeles for 15 years, I am now back at home and so excited to see downtown Raleigh finally becoming a true destination for its residents and tourists, not just a place of employment for state employees.

The Raleigh City Council should allow Kane Realty to build the 40-story building.

We should build up, not out. It saves land and we all know that land is a finite resource.

Raleigh City Council, work with Kane Realty. Let’s keep the momentum going.

Joe Burton Jr., Raleigh

Draw new districts

Gerrymandering is one of the most insidious activities that burden us as voters. In effect, the party selects the voters, instead of the voters selecting their party politicians.

This is what has happened in North Carolina in 2010, and will continue to happen in 2020, unless we do something about it.

Because elected politicians — all politicians — care incessantly about being-re-elected, they take advantage of the 10-year census to draw district maps they hope will ensure their re-election.

This creates a constitutional problem regarding voting rights, but all the conservative judges on the Supreme Court, including Chief Justice John Roberts, voted to let gerrymandering continue.

Unless the N.C. Supreme Court succeeds in stopping it, we will have a gerrymandered legislature for at least the next 10 years, or even longer.

Now is the time for us to demand a nonpartisan commission to draw our district maps before it is too late.

Joe Lyons, Burlington

A diplomatic debacle

As an American I want to express my regret to U.K. Ambassador Kim Darroch, Prime Minister Theresa May, and the international diplomatic corps for the totally inappropriate treatment Darroch has endured from the incredibly insecure, self-absorbed, divisive and ignorant occupant of the Oval Office.

I hope that the international diplomatic community will recognize this situation as aberrant in the context of broader international diplomatic relations.

Most disturbing for international diplomacy is the damage being done by Donald Trump to relationships that have provided the foundation for maintaining relative global peace since World War II.

He must have no appreciation for the opportunities he is providing our adversaries by his actions. If he does appreciate the damage he is doing, then the situation is much more concerning.

Robert Longo, Raleigh

Questions for Tillis

Sen. Thom Tillis recently indicated he fully supports Attorney General William Barr’s investigation around Russia’s meddling in our 2016 elections.

By supporting this investigation he is supporting a president who is challenging the very core of our U.S. government and its systems.

Does the senator not trust our intelligence community? Is he supporting the president in his attacks against our intelligence community?

Our Constitution and our democracy are being challenged in greater ways than they’ve ever been challenged before. Right now, Tillis is standing on the wrong side of history.

Our nation is in a crisis and we need leaders to defend our Constitution and our democracy.

Will Tillis stand up and be one of those defenders? Or, will he continue to support a man who is swiftly dismantling our great Constitution and the strength of our government for his own — and his family’s — personal gain?

Amy Scurria, Durham

Medicare for All

Regarding George Will’s “How can candidates be so silly?” (July 8):

George Will, Sen. Kamala Harris and others don’t seem to understand that currently if you are over age 65 and still working for an employer with 20 or more employees and are on that employer’s health insurance plan you can enroll in Medicare and it becomes secondary payer. Your employer insurance is primary.

Democrats should know this; many don’t.

There is no reason that it can’t work that way for “Medicare for All.” They keep wanting to reinvent the wheel.

Bonnie Bleiweiss, Wake Forest

Remarkable man

Regarding “Man with Parkinson’s builds mini homes as therapy” (June 30):

Bravo to reporter Josh Shaffer for shedding light on Barry Roberson, a man whose character is marked by resilience and selflessness.

What an encouraging story of an incredibly talented artisan finding meaning and purpose in the world through lovingly curated works of kindness gifted to young children who are going through circumstances more difficult than many of us can even conceive.

And bravo to the N&O for recognizing the value of this man’s “small” contributions to the world and running it on a Sunday so they would be known to as many people as possible.

Seth Kirsch, Raleigh