Letters to the Editor

7/19 Letters: Here’s what both Democrats and Republicans get wrong about migration

On ‘open borders’

The term “open borders” is a political weapon. There aren’t actually any major Democrats asking for open borders.

Federal law makes crossing the border without approval a misdemeanor and overstaying a visa is only considered a civil violation.

I can’t think of any other misdemeanor where the punishment is lengthy detention and exile, let alone the detention of small children.

The current administration falsely claims that the U.S. can deny asylum seekers who arrive in the U.S. from Mexico.

What both Democrats and Republicans get wrong about migration is that it’s more push than pull.

The U.S. policy of supporting dictators in Central America, of promoting exploitative trade deals, and of internationalizing a failed war on drugs are major reasons for migration from Central America.

We’ve had open borders ever since NAFTA and CAFTA — free movement of wealth and resources, but not of people.

Carl Hintz, Raleigh

Tillis is failing NC

I have asked Sen. Thom Tillis, by phone, fax, email and letter over the past several weeks, why he has failed to rise as my senator — and as a human being — to condemn and disavow Donald Trump’s policy of child abuse/separation and fascist-like internment camps.

Now I guess I can add Trump’s blatant racist tweets and his dangerous misunderstanding of how representative government functions to my request.

But just as he ran from Rev. William Barber on Moral Mondays in Raleigh a few years ago, Tillis lacks the moral courage to stand.

He is so deeply and cravenly ensconced in Trump’s ugly pocket that to peep out and actually speak for his constituents is now impossible.

The question now: What are we North Carolinians going to do to remedy his total failure of independent representation and his continuing moral cowardice?

D. Rudy Narensky, Timberlake

Yes, leave the US

Regarding both “Are you OK with a racist president, Republicans?” (July 15 Editorial)

You misguided folks at the N&O, and on the left, need to look into a mirror.

You people are the monsters whose bigotry is guided by an unbridled obsession with race.

The quartet of freshman representatives — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley — are not attempting to make American better.

They are hell-bent on destroying us with socialist programs that will undermine everyone’s freedom.

Before they liquidate America and our freedoms, I would tell them, yes, “Go east, west, north, or south, but get out!”

Mike Wenger, Raleigh

Local elections

I fear for all North Carolinians concerning our local government elections.

If we have an extremely low turnout, we justifiably can be accused of shirking a vital responsibility at the polls this year.

Local elected officials have oversight and control of a vast array of government departments, from law enforcement, to public works, even fire departments.

Considering all the functions of local government, it is a tragedy that so few turn out to vote in local elections — one of the most vital levels of our entire system of government.

I encourage every North Carolinian to seek out the ballot box in November and vote.

Timothy Garrison, Conover

NC, ban Roundup

American agro-chemical company Monsanto has recently been under pressure after multiple cases of cancer have been linked to the chemical glyphosate, present in its weedkiller Roundup.

Roundup is not just used by farmers for large scale agriculture. It is also extensively used in many public spaces.

North Carolina Public Interest Research Group says each year 26 million pounds of Roundup are used in public spaces alone. This means places like our schools, parks, and playgrounds are posing a dangerous threat to the health of the public.

It is unacceptable to use these chemicals when we know we could be increasing the risk of cancer, birth defects, and other serious health problems.

I ask that Gov. Roy Cooper start taking steps to stop the use of Roundup in North Carolina. Without a Roundup ban, we are jeopardizing the health and well-being of all citizens.

Quintin Schraff, Chapel Hill

Before the moon

As we cheer the Apollo 11 crew and their NASA teammates from 1969, we should not forget the original pair of pilots who first changed the world.

Apollo 11 made the distance flown by Wilbur and Orville Wright in 1903 — just 852 feet while airborne for 59 seconds at Kill Devil Hills in Dare County — look like a faint dot in the heavenly skies.

We must never take for granted the Wright Brothers and their ingenuity and tenacity in accomplishing man’s first leap that lead eventually to humanity’s giant step onto the moon.

Thad Woodard, Raleigh