Letters to the Editor

8/11 Letters: Don’t blame ICE. Undocumented immigrants should return home and then seek legal entry.

Don’t blame ICE

Don’t blame ICE, Homeland Security or any enforcement agent for arresting immigrants here illegally. They are only acting on the laws created by our politicians.

While thousands wait to come here legally, the media and politicians are attacking the president. I believe President Trump has done more for minorities than any Democrat, even Obama.

How can people be so blind to not see the truth?

The best action for those here illegally is to go to their homeland and seek admittance legally. Until then, they are candidates for removal from our country.

Joseph Rothengast, Raleigh

Expanding Medicaid

Regarding “Reasons not to expand Medicaid,” (June 23):

The last reason N.C. Senate leader Phil Berger cited in this op-ed really shocked me: that Medicaid expansion would cause delays getting health care services for those who already have access to health care.

Wow! No studies were cited, so this statement appeared to be blatant, fear-mongering with no evidence.

In Montana, a coalition of moderate, rural Republicans and minority Democrats passed a Medicaid expansion, helping 100,000 Montanans get access to health care.

This is 10 percent of the state’s population! At least anecdotally, I have not seen a bit of difference in my access to doctors and such.

Besides the benefit to so many Montanans, I would dare say that the lines at the emergency rooms across the state have been reduced, and all of the rural healthcare facilities in the state have been given a much needed financial lifeline.

Tom Kwarciak, Bozeman, Mont.

Limit gun rights

Regarding “‘I’m willing to show you the scars.’ Shooting survivor wants debate on NC gun bills,” (Aug. 7)

Rep. David Lewis suggests that “removal of God” from schools contributes to gun violence. Does anyone think that mandating school prayer would reduce gun violence more than background checks?

Laws help to define our values.

Gun supporters are quick to argue that gun laws won’t prevent gun crimes. Granted, but our mass murders show that we value the power of guns over the freedoms of community and safety, and our gun permissiveness proves the point.

Our right of free speech is not unlimited. Experience shows clearly that the right to bear arms also should not be unlimited.

Don Clement, Greenville

Weapons of war

Yet another massacre. Everyone agrees that this is finally enough — just like the times before.

I’m not against handguns or hunting rifles, but what possible use is a semi-automatic weapon of war that can hold a 100-round magazine to a civilian?

These guns aren’t designed to hunt animals. They’re designed to hunt humans.

Bruce Vukoson, Chapel Hill

Local panhandling

Daily commutes naturally have distracting moments, but it seems every intersection or road shoulder in Wake County has an individual holding a homeless sign asking for money.

I am sympathetic to the needs of others. However, highway panhandling is not only a dangerous distraction, but it is unlawful.

I fear that a tragedy will occur at some point. There must be a safer alternative to address these dangerous conditions.

This is not a message to begin arresting people for using their First Amendment protections. However, either remove N.C. General Statute 20-175 from the law books or begin enforcement.

We cannot ignore the fact that panhandling has become a traffic nuisance on our county roadways.

Dwayne Daughtry, Raleigh

Climate grief

I recently read the piece on “Climate Grief” (July 31) and found myself connecting far too heavily for my liking.

Though I am only a recent college graduate, I feel an incredible amount of guilt and misery over a situation that feels increasingly hopeless as the days pass.

Though I prefer more drastic reduction of carbon emissions, I believe a good start is to pass the bipartisan Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.

This bill, which has 59 co-sponsors in the House, will instill a price on carbon that promotes cleaner energy while reducing the overall level of emissions.

It’s only a start, but I firmly believe it is a major step in addressing the climate crisis and a means to reduce the climate anxiety I have been feeling as of late.

Francis Lai, Raleigh

Local farm series

Thanks for publishing Martha Quillin’s informative series on local small farm programs.

The farms nourish the bodies of all who consume the products and the souls of all who participate in the work.

It teaches numerous real skills, gives meaningful work, and creates nutritious products that are quickly disappearing in this era of large-scale farms.

We desperately need more news stories focusing less on divisive thinking and politics and more on positive nonpartisan actions of citizens in creating a better world.

Catherine Alguire, Chapel Hill