Letters to the Editor

8/18 Letters: Once more people are armed epidemic of gun violence will end

More must be armed

I, like most Americans, have had it. I am frustrated beyond belief when I see the carnage created by a few mentally ill people wielding legal weapons.

We wait patiently for government leaders to frame some sort of solution that makes sense and will stop the violence.

Let’s be honest the government — local, state, or national — has no incentive to effect meaningful change.

Sadly, the duty to protect our fellow man has fallen on our own shoulders and thankfully no new laws or regulations need to be passed for this common-sense solution to have an immediate effect.

Our forefathers have spoken; the Constitution already has everything we need to solve the problem.

The solution is simple but not easy. If you are an adult of voting age, sane, physically able, properly trained, and a law-abiding citizen you need to be openly armed. More guns equal less mass shootings.

It is a great responsibility, but will immediately reduce, not just mass shootings but, all sorts of violent crime.

I encourage all Americans to take personal responsibility and do the work that is necessary to stop this epidemic.

John Adorjan, Hope Mills

False safety

Regarding “At home on the range: More women in the United States turning to guns for protection,” (Aug. 9):

Unfortunately, while adding a gun to the family may make you feel safer, you are actually less safe.

The Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research reports that American children ages 5-14 have 11 times the probability of being accidentally killed by a gun compared to same age children in other developed countries.

They find that women, children, and older adults are more likely to die by gunfire (accidental shooting, homicide, and suicide) from a legally acquired household gun that from illegal guns.

Safety is important, but guns do not make us so. Readers might purchase an alarm system or get a dog.

Adams Wofford, Durham

Weapons catch 22

A recent letter raised a valid question about gun sale background checks: How do we determine that someone is mentally ill and to be prohibited from purchasing an assault rifle years before any tragic event occurs?

The answer is actually quite simple. Anyone with a psyche so warped that he must have a weapon of mass destruction suffers from some deep psychological condition providing sufficient cause to prohibit the sale.

Only someone who would never ever think about wanting one is the only person sane enough to buy one. Catch 22.

Irwin Rovner, Cary

All gun owners?

The U.S. Senate is debating whether to require background checks on the purchase of new guns. President Trump wants to certify the mental health of new gun buyers.

The question that begs to be answered: What about the owners of the 393 million guns already out there?

Are we going to check their backgrounds, or do they get a pass?

If we presume to take action against shameless gun violence, we can start by asking all existing gun owners to declare which “well-regulated militia” they belong to and how well is it regulated.

Andrew Leager, Raleigh

Withdraw permit

NC WARN stands by our allies charging that Duke Energy and Dominion cut corners so much in planning the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, the state water permit must be withdrawn.

As for claims that the pipeline will spur economic development, this is a cruel hoax played on the politicians and public.

In June we provided Gov. Roy Cooper with federal documents showing that Duke Energy and Dominion never planned to make gas available for industry along the eight-county route. The gas is intended for Duke’s power plants, with no delivery points for new industry.

Duke has not and cannot rebut our analysis, which also shows that, if ever completed, the stalled pipeline would cost North Carolinians over $20 billion due to ongoing cost overruns, make energy bills soar, and help lock-in Duke’s climate-wrecking expansion of fracked gas.

Jim Warren, Durham

Executive director of NC WARN

Tillis must speak up

Last week the president gutted the Endangered Species Act and created a whole new way to punish immigrants. Then, he re-tweeted a conspiracy theory.

Meanwhile, Sen. Thom Tillis is acting the role of a “useful idiot,” pretending that what is happening is not happening.

It seems the only thing Tillis he cares about is getting re-elected. Anyone who truly intended to “protect and serve the Constitution” would be calling out the president’s blatant disregard for the rule of law and Sen. Mitch McConnell’s misuse of the Senate.

Tillis needs to meet with his constituents, not just his wealthy donors. He needs to speak up for the creatures who are being killed and the public land which is being destroyed to make way for more oil and gas, the children being separated from their parents, and the earth itself, which is crying out for our advocacy.

Karen Ziegler, Durham