Letters to the Editor

8/28 Letters: Let ICE rid the state of illegal immigrants who’ve committed crimes

Let ICE do its job

Regarding “Cooper vetoes bill requiring sheriffs to cooperate with ICE” (Aug. 21):

Can Gov. Roy Cooper please explain why it is OK to pick up an illegal immigrant who had already been deported once and not report them to ICE?

We have just seen a case of an undocumented man released after posting bond for first-degree rape and indecent liberties with a minor. This is insane! Not sure why this is even an issue.

The far left is favoring illegal immigrants over the folks who have gone through the system legally and not committed any crimes.

Clean up our state of those here illegally and who have committed crimes.

Tom Austin, Raleigh

US needs immigrants

Regarding “Employers say they need more immigrants” (Aug. 25):

Of course, immigrants are important to our economy.

Many of these laborer jobs — cutting grass and seeding in communities — are done by immigrants. Many immigrants, especially Latinos, are used to those conditions and do not mind the lower wages and long hours. They take pride in their work.

Immigrants are only looking for a chance to prove themselves in our “land of opportunity.”

If there is indeed a “staffing void,” then we can’t afford to leave these dedicated workers behind.

The idea that immigrants are taking jobs away from American workers is simply a myth.

Building walls to keep out immigrants who want to work is absurd. The solution: Make it easier to achieve citizenship or green card status, and take it from there.

Norman Singer, Cary

Gangs, guns, crime

Regarding “Report raises concerns about gun charges,” (Aug. 21):

People are concerned about why there are so many shootings in Durham. This might shed some light on why.

The N&O recently reported that at least half of gun crimes in Durham are not prosecuted, even for people with previous convictions.

Durham also has a gang problem.Authorities believe some gang members in the U.S. are illegal immigrants, yet the sheriff in Durham (and sheriffs elsewhere) refuse to cooperate with ICE in removing dangerous criminals from our streets.

Appropriate actions in both of these areas would surely help.

Vincent DiSandro Sr., Hillsborough

Substance v. symbols

I was inspired by the idealism, energy and commitment evident in the N&O’s recent report on the activists’ celebration of the fall of Silent Sam.

But then you note the focus on other sites on campus that have drawn their attention.

Is there no hope they might turn their attention to access to voting in non-gerrymandered districts? Medical care? Affordable housing? Quality education? Criminal justice? Jobs? Climate change?

One could go on, but I suppose we should prepare for another year focused on symbols over substance.

Joe Swain Jr., Carrboro

Incompetent leaders

First I read that NC DOT needs to lay off hundreds of workers because they don’t have enough money.

Then, I read that our legislative leaders are thinking about refunding some of our tax money because they taxed us too much. .

If these guys worked in a real company, they wouldn’t last a week. Amazing incompetency.

Nick Gervase, Holly Springs

ACC Network

Here’s a question as the new ACC Network launches: Did any of the chancellors or athletics directors consider the harmful effects of this addiction to sports revenue on education, which is, after all the primary mission of universities?

UNC and other big-time sports universities have a woeful record of exploiting students under the false claim of amateurism, ignoring the conflict of interest between academics and the professionalization of college sports, and thus failing their students.

We expect and deserve more thoughtful leadership from our great universities.

Lewis Margolis, Chapel Hill

Reinstate principal

Regarding “No one knows why NC high school principal is leaving — but students sure aren’t happy” (Aug. 14):

As a grandparent of a Clayton High School student I am appalled by the removal of Dr. Bennett Jones as principal.

There was never any evidence of wrongdoing. Jones has done an exemplary job and has improved the school and community quite a lot. It has impacted the school and the town of Clayton tremendously.

He should be returned to Clayton High as principal immediately.

It is a shame to have the Johnston County School Board and Supt. Ross Renfrow play what feels to students, parents and the community like dirty old politics.

Marshall Matthews, Garner