Letters to the Editor

Former NC governor: Do we want liberal faculty controlling a conservative UNC program?

Liberal faculty

This Aug. 21 editorial bore the perfect headline: “A mysterious new program at UNC.”

Indeed. The Editorial Board and our liberal faculty are rightfully concerned that an associate dean at Chapel Hill has tried to infiltrate at least one program with a conservative viewpoint among the hundreds on the academic left bank. How dare he insinuate diversity of thought into the liberal curriculum at our flagship institution!

To be fair and even-handed, you offered “a modest proposal” worthy of Jonathan Swift: let our liberal faculty control what gets taught in any class that touches on conservatism. That’s how we’ve always done it.

With tongue in cheek, and minimum high regard,

Jim Martin, Mooresville

NC Governor 1985-93

Incredible injustice

Incredibly, two black men were exonerated of murder in two different N.C. courtrooms last week.

While we should celebrate their freedom, we should be heartbroken that this keeps happening.

Dontae Sharpe of Pitt County served 25 years for someone else’s crime and James Blackmon of Wake County served 35. That is unfathomable.

Even more upsetting is the fact that even though the evidence of innocence was abundantly clear, Wake County District Attorney Lorrin Freeman fought against Blackmon’s release.

She did not have to do so. Former Robeson County district attorney Johnson Britt joined with the defense in recommending Henry McCollum and Leon Brown, wrongfully sent to death row in 1984, be released.

Britt stated correctly at the time that it is a prosecutor’s duty to seek the truth, not a conviction.

Kimberly Mucktrian, Raleigh

Dishonest tax talk

Some are pushing the proposed Raleigh soccer stadium by saying it can be paid for with “money from tourism.”

Turns out the money from tourism is double-talk for tax money.

As one who has lived here for over 40 years I can say that I am no tourist, yet I have to pay this tourism money whenever I go out to eat.

Calling this tourism money is deceptive and dishonest. It is a local tax that is paid by locals and tourists alike.

Michael Quinn, Raleigh

A political stunt

The Dynamic Duo of Senate leader Phil Berger and Speaker Tim Moore has decided they’re going to treat the humble citizens of North Carolina to a tax refund.

This is nothing but a political stunt to show how magnanimous the GOP can be to its constituents.

Wow, just think $125 back could provide a nice dinner on the town, help pay for school supplies, go toward drug prescriptions, pay for gas, etc.

Or, this money could be used for education, or to help victims of Hurricanes Matthew and Florence, create programs to stop child and spouse abuse/neglect, to expand Medicaid, or for some of the other things that the GOP has ignored in the past several years.

Most of the people I talked with don’t want a tax refund, they want it used for things the GOP has cut back on in recent years.

Bob LeBowsky, Cary

Secure elections

Voting is the bedrock of a democracy. It should be of utmost concern to every registered voter in North Carolina that our election process be safe and secure.

Absentee ballot fraud, over zealous gerrymandering, easily hacked banks of voter data, and interference from foreign adversaries make me fearful that the 2020 election process is not safe or secure.

Let me suggest that a part of North Carolina’s $896 million budget surplus be directed to county election boards to purchase voting machines with a paper trail, to secure banks of voter data from hackers, and increase the number of voting sites.

Since 1960 I have voted in every presidential election without a worry. The security of the 2020 election is in doubt.

Regardless of party affiliation, every registered voter should take action sooner than later.

Mary B. De Hertogh, Cary

NCDOT is to blame

Regarding “Pedestrian deaths keep rising in North Carolina — with no easy explanation” (Aug. 27):

It is completely unacceptable that NCDOT’s Christopher Oliver blames the victims of car violence.

Nobody deserves to get killed because they are drunk or wearing dark clothing.

The blame for the deaths of our children and neighbors falls squarely on the DOT, which has consistently failed to design safe streets.

Better street designs are well established and being used in many other countries, but NCDOT continues to make vehicle speeds its first priority — and North Carolinians continue to die.

This situation should not continue.

Brian Glover, Greenville