Letters to the Editor

9/8 Letters: To avoid future gridlock, NCDOT must stop delaying road projects.

NCDOT gridlock

NCDOT’s solution to its financial problems is to postpone or push back most future highway projects. The governor and legislature need to understand that this is not an acceptable solution.

These projects need to be started now, not a decade from now.

North Carolina highway infrastructure has failed to keep pace with the growth of the population in the state. Now, that lack of foresight is beginning to show itself in the form of congested highways.

Congestion wastes time, is bad for one’s health, is not economical, and is bad for the environment.

During rush hour, Wade Avenue between I-440 and I-40 is congested. Widening that section has been pushed back to 2028, which means it will not be completed for at least 10 years.

If it’s congested now, it will be gridlock by then.

Since highways cannot be built overnight, action to avoid future gridlock needs to be started now.

Alan L. Tharp, Raleigh

Be like the Brits

In Britain, 21 senior members of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s party voted against his authoritarian grabbing of power in rushing for a “no deal” Brexit possibility. Can Republican representatives and senators in the U.S. find out what is in the British diet that helps develop a spine so they can stand up to a president who grabs power and brushes democracy aside?

Irving Silberberg, Apex

So lies are now OK?

A president who has no interest in telling the truth whatsoever — is this now normal?

I never imagined that the many Republicans who still support and approve of the president’s behavior would allow the bar to go that low, that their president could lie constantly to the American people and they wouldn’t call him out on it.

When you think about it, this isn’t about partisan politics, it’s about what’s right and wrong. And constant lying to the American public is wrong, simple as that!

Don Haines, Fuquay-Varina

Abortion isn’t rare

Back when he was running for president 20 years ago, Al Gore said that the goal was to make abortion legal, safe and rare.

Abortion is still legal, still the law of the land. It is safe, too, by most measures. However, with some 60 million abortions performed since 1973 — the year of the landmark ruling Roe v. Wade — abortion is anything but rare.

Robert Peele, Rocky Mount

A turning point

We’ve come to a point in our history where we have to decide what’s more important: trying to prevent a beautiful 17-month-old child from being shot or adhering to a far-fetched interpretation of our Second Amendment?

Do we really believe that men, brilliant enough to forge our enlightened, world-renowned system of democratic government, intended for mad men like the Odessa, Tex. shooter to run amok with military-style killing machines?

Glenn Woodlief, Oxford

Bravo to Cooper

Regarding “Is Roy Cooper vulnerable on his gun control agenda?” (Sept. 3 Opinion):

Gun rights activists revere the Second Amendment as if it were one of the Ten Commandments.

It was written at a time when our fledgling nation had no standing army and relied on state militias to defend the country.

In 2019 the United States will spend nearly $700 billion on defense. In this day and age, a “well regulated Militia” — and the Second Amendment that supported it — has all the relevance of a horse-mounted cavalry. It’s an anachronism.

But many, like op-ed writer Ray Nothstine, worship gun rights like they worship other relics of the past.

If Gov. Roy Cooper’s position on gun rights has “lurched leftward,” bravo to him. The dozens of horrifying mass shootings in this country have persuaded many gun enthusiasts of the necessity of more stringent gun regulations, and it appears Cooper is one of these thoughtful, compassionate people.

John May, Chapel Hill

Pick up your trash

I live in Chapel Hill and enjoy walking with my pup, Smee. Over the last year, the amount of cups, beer cans and bottles thrown out of cars have become untenable.

Recently, I have got into the habit of taking a garbage bag to pick up the bottles and sundry trash. Sometimes I need two garbage bags!

We have a lovely community and we all should take pride in our clean community. Please take your trash home with you and properly dispose of it.

Dr. Richard M. Davis, Chapel Hill

Migrant children

It hurts me to my core to read the conditions migrant children are living in at the border and the treatment they receive.

Rep. G.K Butterfield’s job is to ensure that there are laws enforced to ensure all people live in humane conditions in our country.

I am ashamed to be an American with what is occurring in our country. And yet, people are risking everything to come here — imagine what it must be like from where they run.

I urge Rep. Butterfield to please do what he can to make this stop.

Yvonne Riley, Durham