Letters to the Editor

9/29 Letters: Trump isn’t above the law, and the impeachment inquiry isn’t a partisan matter

Not a partisan issue

Why am I called a “Democratic liberal” simply for believing the president of the United States is not above the law?

Shouldn’t it be taken for granted that anyone elected to the highest office in the land put the interest of the country above self-interest? That this person should have read the Constitution and understand how the three branches of government work?

That would seem to be a fairly low bar and have nothing to do with political affiliation.

Sadly it is too high for the current president and his supporters, who resort to name-calling whenever someone points out the myriad of ways he demeans the office and the country.

And please move on from pointing out that that he was “legitimately elected.” So what? It’s his egregious actions since then that count — and speak volumes.

Karen Woolley, Chapel Hill

Ferocious Dems

Democrats in Congress are reacting to recent Trump information like a pack of hungry wild dogs seeing fresh meat.

They’re rushing in to consume it without verifying “is it real,” “is it spoiled,” or even if it might be poisoned.

Satisfying a short-term hunger might yield long-term consequences if not carefully considered.

Bob Garner, Charlotte

Blue Cross board

Regarding “Blue Cross NC CEO resigns following DWI, halted merger,” (Sept. 25):

After reading about Blue Cross NC CEO Dr. Patrick Conway’s arrest for drunk driving I was astonished that the Blue Cross board initially retained and supported him, even praised him for his “strong leadership.”

After watching the video of him careening down the interstate, endangering his two small children, not to mention other motorists, I was appalled and disgusted to think he headed the leading health care company in North Carolina. It is only appropriate that he resigned.

Tom Smith, Silk Hope

Conway’s pay

The board of Blue Cross NC has a problem — not just the recently resigned CEO charged with DUI and endangering his daughters. And not just with withholding information relevant to the public and regulators in at least three states.

The problem was that Blue Cross considered it appropriate to pay Conway a reported $3.59 million last year — to run a nonprofit health-care insurer.

Do they really think that Blue Cross customers can afford to pay him more than $68,000 a week while they struggle to pay premiums out of incomes that are lucky to reach his weekly take or that of a couple of weeks.

Excessive salaries are not the only problem with our health care “system,” but they are a big one.

Allen Spalt, Carrboro

Zane distorts

Regarding J. Peder Zane “The danger of doomsday climate fears” (Sept. 25 Opinion):

Zane’s main argument that scientists don’t know a “precise relationship” is similar to that used by the tobacco companies to disprove the link between smoking and lung cancer, which is considered an existential threat to those that have it.

It is not necessary to know the “precise relationship” to show that smoking causes cancer or that climate change is real and momentous.

Asymmetric, yellow op-ed pieces like Zane’s only serve to further confuse the public.

Bill Clark, Hillsborough

A stolen future

As I sat down to write this people were still trying to put their lives back together after this year’s extreme weather events.

J. Peder Zane finally acknowledges that the climate actually is changing. He just doesn’t like the way our youth — the adults, parents, teachers and voters of tomorrow — are so strident and worried.

I know why these kids are upset. We’re stealing their futures just so a handful of billionaires can make even more money.

If Zane is truly a conservative, shouldn’t he tire of taxpayer dollars being thrown into the Atlantic Ocean every time we rebuild on the beaches after a severe storm? I know I didn’t sign up for that.

Tony Madejczyk, Durham

Saint Pelosi?

I found the photograph of U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday’s front page nothing short of amazing. Her countenance with a halo of lights made me wonder if this was a staged or manipulated photo.

In my book Speaker Pelosi is about as far from a saint as you can get. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but it certainly projected an interesting image.

Jim Kraft, Morehead City

A man of honor

Setting all politics aside, reading John Drescher’s commentary on father and son I. Beverly Lake Sr. and Jr. reminded me of the Biblical exhortations to honor one’s father and mother and to revere and love God.

These are not separate commands but ones which, in order to be fully lived out, must co-exist.

The fact that this is not always easy makes the depth of love and honor even more palpable. It takes a man of faith, honor and integrity such as Chief Justice Lake Jr. to achieve this fine balance.

Phyllis Mayo, Raleigh