Letters to the Editor

11/1 Letters: Moore should keep his word and let the House vote on Medicaid expansion

Expand Medicaid

My detention centers are filled with people who likely would not be there or return if they had access to affordable health insurance.

The Health Care for Working Families Act has passed twice out of the House Health Committee with overwhelming bipartisan support. Speaker Tim Moore promised to bring it to the floor - only he hasn’t.

Expanding access to affordable insurance is more than a health policy; it’s a sound justice strategy and a proven means to reduce corrections spending. A 2019 study of re-entry programs in states that expanded access to Medicaid found that connecting incarcerated individuals to health coverage is resulting in more people getting the treatment they need, fewer deaths from overdose, and early signs of reduced recidivism. It also allows states and counties to save money on inmate health care.

Like me, members of the N.C. General Assembly were elected to serve the people. The people don’t care about political gamesmanship or egos. They overwhelmingly want increased access to affordable, quality health coverage.

The people wantSpeaker Moore to keep his word. Let the House vote on Health Care for Working Families as it is.

Terry Johnson,

Alamance County Sheriff

Reading scores

Regarding “NC reading scores have not risen on national tests, despite Read To Achieve effort, (Oct. 30):.

Folks, don’t you think it is time to get the dreamers off the Wake County school board and elect some citizens with down to earth thinking?

Let the parents parent the students and let the teachers focus on reading, writing, and math. I know there are other subjects important, like history and civics, but in the short time students actually spend in classrooms we should teach them so our country’s students can learn at the level of other civilized countries that use no-nonsense teaching.

We need to throw out the social engineering courses and focus on subjects that will allow our graduates to communicate and become productive citizens.

Eugene Simmons Jr., Raleigh

Positive values

Regarding “Some parents object as Wake County surveys student behavioral health,” (Oct. 29):

Congratulations to the Wake County school system for trying to instill the positive family values of courtesy and respect for others as a substitute for bullying and violence.

It is so hard to combat the daily social media tweets from our Bully-in-Chief who has abandoned communicating through traditional presidential press conferences.

Bob Williams, Fuquay-Varina

Pelsoi disappoints

Until now, I have been persuaded that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was a serious voice in a headlong race to impeach President Donald Trump.

She rightly urged caution of Democrats who appeared willing to impeach out of churlish anger at being beaten by an inferior candidate in 2016.

It is unfortunate that the speaker has thrown caution to the wind, scheduling an appearance with late night comic Stephen Colbert.

Impeaching a national leader isn’t funny, nor is leaking incriminating testimony given behind closed doors, as Pelosi has been accused of doing.

Any hope remaining that articles of impeachment will be fair is slipping away.

Carol Frey, Raleigh


The Republicans talked about the “will of the people” Thursday, however the House controls the power of impeachment and it was the will of the people that stacked the House with Democrats in 2018.

I believe most Americans do not trust the president to act in good faith on their behalf. The people wanted to ensure the necessary safeguards were in place to protect America from this president so they elected members of the opposite party to control impeachment.

If Republicans learn anything from this “era of Trump,” then it will be that America did not want to put its trust in Republican hands when it came to standing up and defending the Constitution concerning this president.

Joshua Peters, Raleigh

Kudos to Trump

Congratulations to our military and intelligence agencies for killing al-Baghdadi. And congratulations to President Trump for green-lighting the mission. He deserves more credit for this successful operation than he was willing to give President Obama in 2012 when he tweeted: “Stop congratulating Obama for killing Bin Laden. The Navy Seals killed Bin Laden.”

Perhaps our president learned a lesson: Weeks ago he ignored advice from experts and pulled troops from Syria, betraying our Kurdish allies, leading to the deaths of many innocent people, and allowing terrorists to escape from prison.

This time, he put aside his ego and “unmatched wisdom” and listened to the experts. Success followed. Lesson learned? We’ll see.

Mark Slattery, Raleigh