Letters to the Editor

Debbie Willmschen: Wells Fargo ‘gets it’

I recently visited my Wells Fargo branch with my daughters (16 and 18 years old) to make adjustments to their accounts. Unprompted, they began a conversation with the representative about how much they adored a Wells Fargo commercial. Because I hadn’t seen the commercial, they described it in detail, going on about the loving couple who take sign language classes so that they can adopt a child and how the bank helps this sweet family. (I’m not kidding; they had tears in their eyes.)

It wasn’t until they got to the end of the description that I realized that this family consisted of a same-sex couple. To us, the sexual orientation of the persons in the ad is not important to what the bank is “selling.”

The way we see it, Wells Fargo helps this family come together, and the commercial shows the financial services it can provide to do so. Period.

However, my kids are impressed with a bank airing a commercial that actually includes a true representation of real-world people and, more important, a bank that seems to “get it.”

People matter. We will not be leaving Wells Fargo.

Debbie Willmschen