Letters to the Editor

Flora Ann Scearce: Graham stood up for Christianity

I was raised on The News & Observer, my conservative Christian father preferring it to the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot, the newspaper of choice of many of our neighbors in Roanoke Rapids years ago. However, I can no longer justify wanting to peruse your liberal ideas in order to compare them to my own conservatism.

Barry Saunders’ diatribe in his June 11 column “Graham’s skewed view of ad” against Franklin Graham was uncalled for and beneath most standards of journalism.

Remember that North Carolinians voted overwhelmingly for a constitutional change forbidding gay marriage in this state? Ads like that of Wells Fargo are a slap in the face of those of us who expected our vote, though struck down by one federal judge, would count for something and who believe in God-ordained traditional marriage.

Graham is a Christian humanitarian who has done and is doing more good than Saunders could ever hope to attain. That Graham has Christian convictions and is standing up for them in his choice of who to do business with takes courage that few in today’s world seem able to muster. I commend him.

Flora Ann Scearce

Trent Woods