Letters to the Editor

Greg Bruhn: Selective sins

Regarding the June 9 news article “Bank’s gay parents ad prompts Graham boycott”: Heaven help me. Recently I committed a transgression (probably more according to Franklin Graham) when I applied for a loan from Wells Fargo, a bank that is staffed by individuals who have probably sinned on a daily basis.

I backslid even more recently when I purchased groceries at a local store that permits female Muslim employees to wear a hijab, a sign that Graham might interpret as North Carolina and the nation allowing Christian values to be compromised by Sharia law.

Graham and Bank of America officials would neither confirm nor deny the possibility of BGEA and Samaritan’s Purse deposits being transferred to that bank from Wells Fargo.

I find Graham’s silence on BOA past practices puzzling at best in light of the fact that last year Bank of America was fined $16.65 billion for knowingly selling toxic mortgages to investors. This fine was the greatest settlement between the government and a private corporation.

That fact alone would cast aspersions on that institution for people of the Christian faith, non-Christians and nonbelievers alike.

Graham demonstrates selectivity in his moral pronouncements by not voicing his outrage at BOA violating public trust with their actions.

Greg Bruhn