Letters to the Editor

Stan Epstein: Clean it up

Regarding the June 9 sports column “Pastor, ex-UNC player, pens book about coach Smith,”: David Chadwick, about Dean Smith, said, “He guaranteed I’d go to class and earn my degree.” Ditto for many of Smith’s players.

In the June 9 letter “What coaches know,” the writer said, “typically academic advisers report regularly to coaches on how their players are doing academically.” Yet, from their comments, Roy Williams and Sylvia Hatchell seem to have had not a clue what their players were doing academically. Worse, they express no regret or contrition, sounding like the scandal happened elsewhere and they were in no way involved.

Williams and Hatchell must be guilty of dereliction of duty and/or dishonesty. Yet neither has faced any consequences from UNC. There have been reports Williams has received a contract renewal.

The lesson seems to be there is accountability if someone is on the wrong side of politics (see Mary Willingham, still with no apology), not if they have failed miserably in a major part of their job.

It is past time for Chancellor Carol Folt to assert herself and clean up the mess she inherited. Otherwise, some may wonder if she, like Gordon Gee, the former president of Ohio State, is afraid one of her coaches may fire her.

Stan Epstein

Chapel Hill