Letters to the Editor

Stan C. Kimer: Hardly radical

Regarding the June 11 Under the Dome item “Glazier’s plan to resign prompts criticism”: As a retired executive, current business owner and former president of the North Carolina Council of Churches, I find state Republican Party executive director Todd Poole’s reference to the N.C. Justice Center as “radical left obstructionist” and as “pushing false talking points” appalling!

I serve on the N.C. Justice Center’s “N.C. Families Care” coalition steering committee. I can attest that all of the deliberations have been an open and honest discussion of issues including a rigorous examination of empirical data to truthfully understand current needs of families and workers in North Carolina.

There has never even been a hint of “falsifying talking points” that Poole suggests. As a person of integrity, I would refuse to be involved in that sort of activity.

Poole’s sensational tactics unveil a discomfort to honestly discuss issues and data. Those who work from weak positions are often the first to start throwing names and false accusations.

I call on all North Carolinians to soundly reject this kind of political posturing and to elect representatives and support organizations that seek to recommend best actions based on real data.

Stan C. Kimer