Letters to the Editor

Baylor Myers: Lose-lose

Just about a year ago, the Ohio legislature froze onerous green-energy mandates known as the Renewable Portfolio Standard. RPS enabled the government to mandate the use of high-cost energy instead of affordable alternatives. Requiring businesses to use a certain percentage of renewable energies is a great way to halt job creation.

In the June 9 Point of View “From Ohio, a warning,” Rep. Dan Ramos falsely suggested freezing the RPS hurt the Ohio economy by discouraging investment in so-called “renewable” energy companies. If any jobs were created, they were bogus because they required subsidies from our hard-earned tax dollars to exist.

Prior to the freeze of RPS, Ohioans were getting hit from both ends – on our tax bills, where we paid federal taxes to subsidize green energy, and on our utility bills, where companies passed on the high costs of compliance to the consumers. It was a disastrous combination.

Although Ohio’s requirements were different from North Carolina’s, they share common problems. Families and businesses will face higher costs, translating to reduced purchasing power and higher business costs. That’s backed by a study from the Manhattan Institute, which looked at 10 years of data and found utility costs rising faster in states with a mandate than in those without. It’s a lose-lose situation.

Baylor Myers

Deputy state director, Ohio chapter, Americans for Prosperity