Letters to the Editor

Edie Szyperski: Dix destiny

The June 7 Point of View “An everyday reminder of a beacon lost” by Donna Kay Smith was one of the most poignant writings I have ever read in The News & Observer. It encapsulated perfectly a mother’s heart as she so effectively chronicled her dear son’s battle with mental illness and the gaping holes in the mental health system to assist those who are uninsured.

The blatant regression in taking land that was destined to be a haven for the mentally ill over a century ago – a hallowed land marked “for the humane treatment of those with mental illness” – and turning it into a destination park is the epitome of the “Me Generation” at its worst.

Smith said, “I know of nothing more insane than our choice to not provide treatment to those who are ill, vulnerable and unable to care for themselves.”

May her eloquent, sane words be heralded and acted on to bring a change in the way North Carolina treats its mentally ill constituency, or are we going to simply choose ... a walk in the park?

Edie Szyperski