Letters to the Editor

Char Murphy: Nolan Smith broke the law

Regarding the May 29 Sports article “Smith: Police pulled gun during traffic stop”: If the police see a car with dark-tinted windows at night in Durham, pull it over and give the driver a ticket for exceeding the 35 percent tint allowed by North Carolina law and send the driver on his way, it would not be newsworthy.

Yes, the officers did draw their weapons. I assume this has become standard procedure since they have no idea whether there is a passenger with a gun pointed at them inside the car – too many officers have been killed in this situation in the past.

The fact that the driver was Nolan Smith, however, made the front page of the Sports section. The episode was described as “nightmarish” by the reporter. She later remarks that the police were not using body cameras.

I infer she believed their behavior would have been different had it been filmed.

Smith tweeted how upset he was. I’m sure that it was an unsettling experience, one that never would have happened had his windows not been above the legal tint limit.

Char Murphy