Letters to the Editor

Thomas Baley: No Corolla bridge

Regarding the June 13 news article “NCDOT saying goodbye to ill-fated Corolla ferry”: Many of us would consider living in Corolla second only to paradise, but we are not able to. Those who have chosen to live there know full well what the parameters are, including a sometimes arduous trip to the mainland and school.

We have just wasted a million dollars trying to create special transportation for five schoolchildren and – to my utter amazement – are now proposing half a billion for a bridge. Not only is this a preposterous amount for a small, special-interest group, but it will no doubt do untold damage to the environment and completely destroy the character of the Outer Banks.

The Outer Banks will become just a highway: Get on one end, drive, get off the other end. Please, this is a call for sanity. No bridge!

Thomas Baley