Letters to the Editor

Scott Dillon: Cheating exposed

Regarding the June 12 letter “UNC remedies,”: The writer’s premise is laughable.

UNC failed to detect a 17-year-long pattern of academic fraud benefiting athletes and the general student body. When it was discovered, it was first denied repeatedly, then corrections were made. Based on these corrections, it is the writer’s premise this fraud should go unpunished by the NCAA on the technicality that non-athletes also benefited from the no-show courses so it was not an athletic scandal.

The writer fails to consider the 3,000-plus students UNC cheated out of a complete education or the schools that competed against UNC on an uneven playing field both academically and athletically.

If the writer’s premise is correct and this is not an athletic scandal, then it is an academic scandal, and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools should revoke UNC’s academic accreditation for its failure to identify or address this problem for more than 17 years.

Scott Dillon