Letters to the Editor

John Kane Jr: Duke Energy the bully

Duke Energy, America’s largest electric utility company, sued my family to cut down our front-yard willow tree, claiming it must do so to safely deliver power along the lines that cross our front yard. Despite the fact that its easement requires the company to “do the least amount of harm,” it refuses to accept that trimming the tree would suffice, even by its standards, for one reason: Chopping down trees and leaving stumps behind for homeowners to deal with are far cheaper for Duke Energy.

Duke’s approach is that of an unscrupulous, imperialistic regime taking what it wants, when it wants and how it wants with complete disregard for the customers it exists to serve and the environment we all exist in. With its bullying approach, it provides the ammunition to the growing ranks of Americans who resent businesses and executives – the vast majority of whom perform their work and serve their customers in polarizing difference to Duke Energy.

Sadly, we cannot bring back Progress Energy, but collectively as North Carolinians we can stand firm and stop Duke Energy from stealing our property and our trees and destroying our rivers and lakes.

John Kane Jr.