Letters to the Editor

Ron R. Allison: Men need prostate screening

The News & Observer is to be commended for its series “The Silent Killer” on prostate cancer. Currently breast cancer screening is nearly identically effective as prostate cancer screening. The difference is that women get screened.

Succumbing to metastatic cancer is to be avoided if possible, and this possibility can be minimized through intelligent screening.

Men truly should consider the two following pathways for minimizing the chance of dying from prostate cancer:

▪ Follow a lifestyle that includes exercise, tobacco avoidance and as close to a plant-based diet as possible. Not only does this help prevent prostate cancer but many other cancers, heart disease, stroke, even Alzheimer’s disease.

▪ Annual digital/physical exam with PSA level drawn. Changes can be evaluated and intelligent medical decisions made that decrease our chance of dying from prostate cancer.

Gentlemen, do not become a statistic.

Ron R. Allison

Medical director, 21st Century Oncology