Letters to the Editor

Dan Crawford: Beauty of buffers

Regarding the June 16 news article “Senate acts on waterway buffers”: Thanks for your coverage on vegetated buffers on North Carolina’s waterways. It is an important issue, and North Carolinians need to know how shortsighted the recent decision by North Carolina Senate Republicans is to decrease buffers.

I joke that I am a political scientist, not a real one, but I do not need a lot of letters after my name to understand that if pollutants don’t get into the water, then fewer pollutants will need to be taken out of the water. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and vegetated buffers are the most effective first line of defense to protect our streams from nitrogen, phosphorous, pesticides and other pollutants.

In addition to keeping pollution out of the water, vegetated buffers serve as habitat for wildlife, to slow floodwaters and to help reduce soil erosion. A quick look at projected costs and time line to clean up Jordan Lake should prove that we need to be doing more to prevent pollution entering our streams and drinking waters, not less.

I urge Gov. Pat McCrory to have the courage of convictions, do the right thing and veto this bad legislation.

Dan Crawford