Letters to the Editor

John H. Ruocchio: Prejudice toward Cardinal Gibbons

Regarding the June 16 Sports article “Cap-8, SWAC limit matchups”: I read with sadness the comments of Cary High School athletic director Mike Dunphy that the Wake County athletic conferences have voted to bar schools from playing Cardinal Gibbons, a Catholic high school in Raleigh.

The rationale stated by Dunphy was that the kids who go to Gibbons choose to do so.

I have paid property taxes since 1992. My kids have been educated in Catholic schools, but my tax dollars go to support and pay for the Wake County school system, and happily so. However, my choice of where I send my kids should not be a negative to Dunphy. They are a positive to the school system; Wake County gets the revenue to educate them without having to do so.

Make no mistake: This action was aimed solely at Cardinal Gibbons. If Gibbons were a Jewish school, we would be hearing discussions of anti-Semitism. If Gibbons were a historically black school, the whispers of racism would abound.

Is there a hint of bigotry and anti-Catholicism in this decision? Does the prejudice of old echo down the halls of Wake County schools?

I can tell you as a father of two who are now second-class citizens in Wake County, it sure feels that way.

John H. Ruocchio