Letters to the Editor

Bob Williams: Savings goes to schools

It has been reported that the Wake County commissioners have raised our property taxes $77 per year (“Larger tax hike for schools eyed,” June 9 news article). That is right around $1.50 per week.

The June 16 letter “Ponying up” stated that “the vast majority of Wake County residents cannot afford this.” Really? One less gallon of gas per week (20 to 25 miles of driving)? One fewer package of cookies at the grocery store per week? One fewer pack of cigarettes per week? One fewer visit to a drive-thru for a hamburger per week? Or maybe just buy a hamburger instead of a cheeseburger?

I suspect that the vast majority of Wake County residents waste at least $1.50 per week. Better that this trifling of money should go to our schools.

Bob Williams