Letters to the Editor

Bill Krupp: Profit trumps safety

Enough! Is there no place safe from gunmen who are driven to commit murder? A church, a school, movie theater, shopping mall, college campus and elsewhere have become killing grounds.

When will we come to grips with the lack of mental health screening and assistance for troubled minds? What happened to the call for more mental health funding? Why do our legislators refuse to accept the fact that guns make mass murder possible? Do they really want every man, woman and child to have a gun “for protection”?

I respect the right to own a gun for hunting and home protection, but to buy a gun and carry without some form of background screening is just plain irresponsible. We are asking for more hot and irrational minds to take out their frustration, anger and prejudice on innocents.

Voters need to put aside voting for just a “D” or an “R” and show their respect for life by voting for legislators who have the courage to take on the single issue gun lobby.

The gun sellers and manufacturers are not concerned with the Second Amendment. Their actual interest is profit, selling more and more guns and disregarding common sense and human life.

Bill Krupp