Letters to the Editor

Kerri Habben: Graham no messenger

The saying, “Be careful what you say and do; you may be the only Bible some people ever read,” comes to mind upon reading Franklin Graham’s recent shift of funds due to a television advertisement that offended him.

He has cloaked his complaint securely as a slam against Christianity, and with his being Franklin Graham, would any “true” Christian dare to argue with him?

Representatives of religion like Graham, who not only misuse the Word but also gather ample monies to their coffers, are not messengers of faith. They are simply CEOs in the business of catching souls.

It fascinates me how one can claim to be a Christian and at the same time lack lasting evidence of following Jesus’ teachings. In recent years there has been previous advertising including couples and families of a nonheterosexual lifestyle.

I find it interesting that the first one Graham so publicly objects to involves a child with special needs – a child who will now have loving parents.

Perhaps Graham forgot that a certain man healed people in need and asked us with his life to love one another. I wonder whether incidents like this are why Jesus wept.

Kerri Habben