Letters to the Editor

Paul Varsel: Pope’s climate alarm suspect

Regarding the June 14 news article “Long line of popes voiced enviro-alarm”: For the boys of summer I just want to get the score card straight.

The pope is sending out an encyclical proclaiming that global warming is real, and all the population control folks think this is absolute and great.

This is the same church that is excoriated for its views on homosexuality and same-sex marriage? This is the same church that is constantly condemned for its pedophile priests? This is the same church that hordes gold and condemns economically successful countries for not doing enough for poor countries? Best of all, this is the same church that was going to excommunicate Galileo for embracing the Copernican theory?

Certainly it has been awhile since Galileo, but a science nod from the pope might be suspect. This is especially true since his infallibility runs only to matters of faith and religion.

Paul Varsel