Letters to the Editor

David Martin: Too little guidance

Regarding the June 12 Point of View “An unforgivable quest for ID” by Gene Nichol: The opinion itself should be described as an “unforgivable” misrepresentation. The whole basis was incorrect.

Sally Robare had the proper documents for age and identity (Social Security number card is one of 12 acceptable), Social Security requirements (SSN or Medicare card) and proof of residency (utility bill). The DMV was in error in not accepting the documents.

Moreover, Nichol conveniently left out the following: First, if someone is over 70, an expired driver’s license is acceptable.

Second, the law allows those with no photo identification to vote (“You must sign a declaration stating you do not have photo ID acceptable under GS 163-166.13”).

Third, people should exercise common sense and determine the requirements before going to the DMV.

Finally, he leaves out directions on how to find out those requirements. Nichol would be better suited to distinguish himself not from “hit” pieces but from precise and helpful guidance without the rhetoric.

David Martin