Letters to the Editor

Mary E. Williams: Assist in getting IDs

Regarding the June 12 Point of View “An unforgivable quest for ID”: Gene Nichol wrote “the privileges and obligations of American citizenship are not trifles.” No truer words have I read from him.

Much of his argument against North Carolina’s voter ID law, however, seemed to stem from the rude behavior of a Cleveland County employee who chose not to be helpful in carrying out the duties of his job. That is a totally separate issue that should be brought to the attention of the Cleveland County manager.

Also, Nichol leads readers to believe that only Republicans support the voter ID law, which is not the case. I am a registered Independent and retired Social Security Administration manager. I do not speak on behalf of the agency. However, I had a career heavily involved with issues of “identity,” and in the last 15 years especially, issues related to resolving identity theft.

While those opposed to North Carolina’s voter ID law may claim that voter fraud is low, I maintain true voter fraud goes totally undetected. Like it or not, we live in an age when we must show ID for many “privileges and obligations.”

If those who oppose the voter ID law would channel their time and money toward helping residents get a North Carolina ID, we would all be better off.

Mary E. Williams