Letters to the Editor

William Broom: Lives and lessons

Regarding the June 20 news article “Raw emotions and forgiveness”: What does it say about the moral character of people when they forgive an individual accused of hatefully murdering a loved one? Who would have predicted that the response by community and families to the unfathomable crime committed in Charleston would have been mass multiracial demonstrations of mutual grief and support, instead of riots?

If there was ample opportunity for radical racially divisive reaction, the demonstrations of community solidarity across racial lines bear witness to a new desire for racial harmony. A new lesson in tolerance, outreach and inclusion has emerged from the extraordinary response to what has happened in a solitary Bible study class.

It is a lesson that could not have been anticipated by the class’s participants, yet it is one that represents what they stood for. It is a lesson that inspires all who continue the struggle for racial harmony and justice everywhere. And it is a lesson that resoundingly rejects the division and hatred that the deed’s perpetrator intended to ignite.

Little did the participants in that class realize that their life’s mission would be fulfilled that night, and that its fulfillment and the community’s response to it would have so broad a reach.

William Broom