Letters to the Editor

Howard Ellis: Minimal sea-level rise

Your June 21 editorial “Moral climate” not only predicted floods and storms from sea-level rise in years to come but also blamed existing problems in North Carolina, such as the death of forests and frequent flooding, on sea-level rise that has already occurred.

What is perplexing about these claims is that the amount of sea-level rise that has happened in the last century (about 6 inches) and that is currently occurring (about 1 inch every 10 years) hardly seems significant enough to cause the effects you identified.

You are asking us to believe that in the last 10 years a total sea-level rise of 1 inch has caused flooded highways, salt on crops and failing storm water systems? Moreover, sea-level changes are somewhat localized, as likely to be caused by the subsidence of the land as by an increase of the amount of water in the world’s oceans.

Thus, the tactic of reducing carbon emissions to solve the problem might not actually do much for North Carolina’s particular issues.

Howard Ellis

Wake Forest