Letters to the Editor

Charlie Boone: Keep funding driver’s ed

Regarding the June 23 Road Worrier column “Many say N.C. still needs driver’s ed”: As a motorcyclist, I am concerned about the proposed cuts to driver’s education. The sole reason for the cut seems to be that the Senate wants to remove the funding from the transportation budget. It has rejected good alternatives offered by the House.

Members of the Concerned Bikers Association have been teaching the motorcycle awareness part of the class for many years. We instructed over 27,000 students statewide last year on our dime.

We want students to be aware of the motorcycles on the road, why we position ourselves certain ways, what our safety gear does and why our lives matter. We teach them to look for motorcycles, and their parents tell us that we are effective.

The Senate position on funding is terrible. Driver’s ed should be a part of the basic curriculum, fully funded.

When the $45 fee was implemented, the enrollment decreased by 10 percent statewide, and over 60 percent in some counties. As the fee increased, additional decreases were noted.

The long-term additional costs in insurance, hospital, crash costs and fatality rates are not worth the savings from defunding the program. Please, fully fund driver’s ed.

Charlie Boone

State president, Concerned Bikers Association of N.C.