Letters to the Editor

Rome Fontaine: Cardinal Gibbons has unfair advantage in recruiting

In regards to the June 19 letter “Prejudice toward Gibbons”: The decision by Wake County athletic conferences not to play Cardinal Gibbons has nothing to do with prejudice. It is about fair play by not subjecting the public schoolchildren who want to participate in sports to have to compete against a stacked deck.

Has Cardinal Gibbons won more North Carolina High School Athletic Association state championships than any other member school because it is Catholic? No. It’s because it is able to recruit talent not only from within all of Wake County but even outside the county.

The 25-mile attendance radius of those who are eligible to attend spans Jordan Lake to the west, just shy of Zebulon to the east, north to Chapel Hill and south to beyond Garner.

Public schools are essentially neighborhood schools except to bus to achieve racial equality, but that’s another subject. As a result, Gibbons can recruit the likes of the Brind’Amours and Stankavages of the world. It then becomes a dominant athletic power, and it becomes self-perpetuating so these athletes get the press and go on to obtain college athletic scholarships, particularly in volleyball, soccer and lacrosse.

The decision by Wake County is the right and fair thing to do. Private schools with virtually no attendance boundaries should be in their own league.

Rome Fontaine